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2016 ATS Coupe Parking Brake


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I have a 2016 V6 ATS Coupe, automatic trans.  I bought it with 42k miles, and it's still under warranty for a year.   My 2002 ETC Collectors blew a head gasket and went to a new home with a guy who's gonna fix it and is as much a Cadillac maniac as we all are.

I live in the hills, and the parking brake doesn't hold.  It engages, but, the car will still move some when it's full on.

The car lived in Florida all its life, so, it's hard to imagine that there's alot of hills that the parking brake would be used on.

The dealer said this requires new parking brake pads, which is a wear item, and will cost $640.00 to repair.  3 hours labor at $150.00 per hour.   The part is $68 retail according to GM Direct.  They are #9 on the diagram attached.

1.  Is the parking brake pad adjustable?

2.  Is the repair cost within reason?

3.  I park on a hill at home and use the parking brake to take strain off the automatic transmission park gear just from logic rather than knowledge of whether this makes any sense.  Shall I worry about this?

4.  Could it be that they are glazed because they've never been used, like new brake shoes, and I could make them work by driving the car slowly and applying the parking brake judiciously?



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what is the condition of your brake pads?  did the dealer examine the rear pad life left? 

in this system I believe the electronic parking brake merely applies the rear brake via the caliper to restrain.  If the rear brakes are not holding and the electronic parking system is active then I would check brake pads.  if pads have life left and appear in good condition we can look for other causes



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This car does not have the electronic parking brake.  They are separate shoes that expand like old style brake shoes and make contact on the inside surface of the rotors - as on the photo attached.  The shoes are #9 on the diagram.


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I got it figured out if this happens to someone -

I guess the parking brake never got used in Florida before I had the car - I engaged it while rolling down a canyon road for a quarter mile or so, and it now works like a champ.  I suspect the brake shoes were not broken in.

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That’s great news! I totally agree, I bet the were NEVER used and just needed to be exercised and fit to the arc of the inner drum. 

Good job on saving yourself all that cash! 👌🏻

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