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1995 Deville 4.9 - Strutmasters shocks have gone bad twice

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Hello -- I have a 1995 Deville 4.9, and I've replaced the struts and shocks with Strutmasters' passive system. The struts are ok, but I'm on my second set of shocks now, and I'm curious if anyone has had a similar experience...or any advice. 

Both sets started to loosen up after about 3 or 4 weeks, as far as the shock absorption is concerned. After a couple of months, they've gotten as loose and ineffective as the OEM shocks that had 90k on them. Besides the bouncing, if I go over a manhole cover or small pothole, it yanks the back end sideways. Strutmasters replaced the first set, but this second set has done the exact same thing. 

One thing that's been fine is the trim height. When the OEM ones were on their last legs, the back end sagged; both Strutmasters sets have kept the back end up just fine. 

Any advice? Opinions? I'm hesitant to mess with another set from Strutmasters again. I don't know if they just got a bad batch, or if there's something on my car that needs to be adjusted (or something on the shocks, for that matter.) I haven't talked to their tech department -- I was supposed to, but they're...um...horrible at returning messages. 

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This sounds more like the worn rear knuckle bushing problem to me. There is a MOOG service kit available. Funny you mention the rear...its kinda always the same description about the rear end dancing around...it's been posted here before. 


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Monroe spectrum for my 92 eldorado 4.9  from eBay or rockauto  63.47 shipped from eBay no problems or codes. But Logan has knowledge as well struts I've mentioned are directed ride control replacement also change my mounts done labor myself on ground just be careful with spring compression.  Here's a good question for you are sure your purchase from strut master are correct ones for ride control? I've took a look on there site before making my purchase just recently all they seem to deal with was selling from active aka ride control to passive for deleting ride control for front? I'm not caddy tech by far but believe it does make a difference. Logan or dude call caddy tech body fisher from this site have better input this site is by far the best Cadillac sites lot of newer models but they still help with early model like we own. Personally would trade my off for anything purchased year ago it was rough but foundation was there made improvements little by little . No regrets 

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check those knuckle bushings.

Dont even have to lift the car.

Grab ahold of the top of the tire and pull in and out. If you feel play and hear noise they are shot.

I have had to do them on every e/k model I have ever dealt with.

Replace both upper and lower. Enjoy the new ride.

Shocks will loosen as they get exercised. That is normal. They are air right?

Only other thing that would make a bad ride is the springs in the rear but I have never really had any issues with them


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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no it is not the same one.

the knuckle bushings are on the knuckle itself.

the lower attaches to the lower control arm

the upper attaches to the upper control arm.

Not bad to do. I have had to do them on every Cadillac I have owned. All had the same problem. 

Once replaced I have not had to replace them again

There is a thru bolt that goes through the bushing at both arms



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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