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  1. 140 amp alternator for heated windshield. Believe purchase from Rock Auto Remy rebuilt.
  2. Yep original heated windshield Logan will take pictures tomorrow it's raining here today. Appreciate your time once again.
  3. Logan thanks guess trying to figure out how harness was attached to windshield found mines disconnect more then likely when had seal replace around front windshield. Spade end connector but no housing so slide under windshield about same spot showing in FSM and it activated function increase idle 4 minutes as should. Did found what you link me prior then my question. Oh Bruce was right concering back fire my fuel regulator was the cuprit
  4. Would anyone know part number for heated windshield harness from right strut going to windshield. 92 Eldorado touring coupe. I'm seeking one if anyone has this in spare parts.
  5. With respect i'm hitting rev limited to get back fire within intake about 3,000 or less intermittently. Like said this problem been trying to solve for over a year even completely tune car via work I've listened above with parts list or work except for fuel regulator and injectors with I have new in parts box even then it might be a waste of labor because this car really drives well with exception back fire within intake . Tech if you have a minute won't be a bother quick phone call it might clear up confusion 701 850 6451
  6. Logan Thank's well aware of set timing steps also checking for correct TDC as discussed in prior thread above. Also my car only backfire in park only not necessarily at rev limited as your saying it's intermittent I've triple check timing TDC on top also at crankshaft and firing order at wires all new parts disburtor is rebuilt also which is why listed parts or work I've done in past year. While driving there's no back fire car respond well no smoke from exhaust no check lights no oil burn or leaks. I'm to look in direction Bruce has mentioned to me fuel pressure regulator which hasn't been changed however fuel pump has been replaced . Grateful for your help though
  7. First my email Grammer isn't the best sorry back fire happens only at idle when rev up engine below 4,500 rev limited you mention.this problem has always been since purchase car. I've even check my settings both on timing and thottlebody. 10 degrees on timing. Air mixture screw isn't touching throttle. ISC 13.0 tps is +1.1 all new vacuum lines throttle body and egr port are clean spotless. Would leaky injector cause backfire I think you told yes a while back about a year ago.
  8. Must be misunderstanding thanks for all in put. I have fsm book .I'm to go with Bruce said fuel pressure regulator with intermittent back fire. Caddy I've check all timing you mention long ago following fsm with jumper and TDC checking right on mark. Grateful for your knowledge just trying to solverify this problem for a year about the time became a member and purchase my car.
  9. Thank you backfire has been way before tps and isc adjustment thought read online some where in 93 gm revise the adjustment to cure sail effect 93-44 think it was called? Are you sure about those settings you gave me? Thanks for your help I love this old car I have 98 percent of mechanical restore gone through before I get cosmetic stuff going clear coat is shot but no body rust.
  10. Tech I've double check timing along with correct TDC top side and at crankshaft also DIC timing mode 10 degrees base set. Bruce had told me fuel pressure regulator will cause back fire. There's no hesitation smoking or fuel odor back fire only in park when engine rev this problem has been since purchase over year ago and yes there is old post with same complaints of back fire hope Bruce delete all old post to avoid confusion. Guess I'm going to pull regulator off and replace heck everything else has already. Remember old post when check pressure and found drop off but logan said common in gm cars so ignored it however there wasn't any fuel dripping from regulator. Also replace new winsheld seal Trans filter Brakes To add list above have set of new injectors bought last year while doing fuel pressure regulator will change them as well. However car doesn't have a shake or misfire. All work I've done except cat convertor and metal brake lines mentioned above. Car is dam near rebuilt lol . Staying on track this past winter inner water jacket gasket began to leak so when I had front cover off timing chain look fine found no play.So you see haven't really cut any corners with the car i'm just stump. Values was off in icp far as North America set at 0 because disabled ride control message when change my front struts also correct my miles per mile was off by 5 mile per hour.
  11. Logan While back you tried explaning export mode within ipc could you tell me how to reset or make sure it's set to north America? I've gone through everything in this car from top to bottom however still getting backfire timing is at base 10 . Tps is 2.1 iSC is at 13.4 .also injectors flow test? Es10 warm cooler should car be running while in test mode? I'm getting no check conditions at all. Below is all work by me gm parts car runs great however backfire through intake PLatium plug Delco wires &cap Fuel pump Waterpump with inner gasket O2 sensor both Mag flow convertor Fuel filter Radiator Brakes and brake lines front and two metal lines from abs unit left side Egr valve Manifold air sensor Temp sensor Grille with crest Alternator All struts Ball joints with control arm bushing End links Left wheel bearing All new coolant hoses and gm heater hoses Air conditioning suction line drier and orfic Ingintion switch Rebuilt distributor with gm parts completely Power steering pump All in year time burn or leak no oil starts right up also keeping carbon free from throttle body
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  13. All remote codes are not the same programming would need to be done matching your car, I've purchased on fobs for my 92 program myself by grounding single black wire located in trunk pull down area. I'm sure someone from this site would have knowledge for your caddy or even eBay seller google better yet factory repair manual for your car aka FSM replacement remotes will have to be program each car code is different hope this helps you some.
  14. More then likely it your data link by pass they have very good reputation more then like installer error. I'm not a expert but I know a guy who is Lessco Electronic his name is Martin he deals with alarms bunches of you tube stuff. He's from New York Area now lives in Florida he can help you