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My 2007 DTS (120,000 miles) stalls when I shift from reverse to drive when the car is started in the morning and as I back out of my driveway. I shift to neutral and restart and it is fine for the rest of the day. Next morning, same thing all over again. It also feels like the trans is slipping at first, but clears up quickly. Any ideas?

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If you have OnStar, push the black button and ask them to read you the OBD codes, slowly, write them down and post them here. If you don't have OnStar, an Autozone store or similar outfit can read your codes for free.

Does this stall-on-first-shift-from-R-to-D happen only in cold weather? Are there any lights, warnings, or messages when this happens?

The first thing that comes to mind, given an apparent slow shifting transmission too, is to check the transmission level. The transmission needs to be warm, and the car on flat ground.

The general advice on stalling in the 2007 FSM say to check the air cleaner, intake air temperature sensor (on the air cleaner box), and MAF (the big box with the tiny delicate wires on the intake of the throttle body). In addition to that, I would check for vacuum leaks, hoses off or cracked (particularly the PCV hose, or the PCV worked out of the cam cover), a loose or missing oil dipstick, and a loose or missing oil filler cap.

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Check for loose intake manifold bolts. Is your throttle body clean? How does the car stall? a clean cut off or a chuggle then stall?

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