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No easy way, other than jack up the cradle. Use a plug wrench ratchet with a floppy head, a purpose-designed plug wrench socket, and be prepared for a tough job. Use a torque wrench for re-install.

Re-use of old plugs is to be avoided because new plugs come with thread anti-lock and insulator silicone per-installed in just exactly the right way.

Check the gap in each new plug. If it's not exactly 0.050" then the plug was dropped and don't use it. Be careful with the platinum electrodes on both ground and center terminals when you check the gap.

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They are easy to do. Just move the heater hoses out of the way and take your time. The hardest part might be removing the plug wires from the spark plugs. If, you have a lift you can do them from the bottom.

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