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  1. Thanks again for more info. I thought about the eng. tilt as a way. My 4.9 doesn't have coil packs....just one coil under the rotor cap. But still....there is no room between the eng. and firewall to get at these plugs.
  2. Thanks for this info.....but I still can't see how to get to the plugs......does one go up from the bottom or, what Bodyby says.."stand on the pass. side". There is no room on my motor to get to the plugs...
  3. OK, I'll try this again......I have a 94 Deville that is misfiring. Thought it might be the plugs or wires or, both. My question is: How the heck do you get to the rear plugs to change them out?
  4. The plugs do need changing......the car itself has over 240,000 on it...I replaced the coil a few months back....rotor and cap looked ok then. Will check out the wires tonight.
  5. 1994 Deville 4.9. My eng. has started to have a slight stall miss when going up hill...any suggestions?
  6. I was lucky to only need a 680 resistor....and at only .99 cents for a pack of 5! So....thank you sooooo much for this info...saved my day man!!!!!!!!!! ...by the way.....the orange wire with the two thin wires inside went to one large plug instead of a small two pin plug.
  7. Well....yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!! resistor fix! And get this.....all only cost me .99 cents! So...thank you guys so much for the inputs!!!!! Its a great day again!
  8. Yes Bruce...I meant cleaning the tumblers ......Mr. W....I will give your suggestion a try later on today. No I haven't had any messages up to this point. But...yesterday it happened but did start after a few minuets. I didn't look to see if there were any messages at that time. Again, I did find the batt. ground gable a bit loose on the batt.
  9. Well Bruce....cleaning key was a no go, disconnecting batt. was a no go. It can never be easy can it? On to the next try.
  10. Thanks Bruce for the reply....will try this out today! lets see if that's the trick. I hope it is as simple as just the key! Thanks so much again for the info. Let you know how things go this afternoon.
  11. My 94 would not start tonight at 3 am! Nothing....no clicks, spins,nothing. Horn works, lights work. Neg. batt. cable was loose. After taking care of that still no go. Msg. on dash reads...starter disabled security......wait 3 min. to start....waited 3 min. nothing. Read the owners man. and it said something about the key not working.....any help on this would be a big help! Thanks.
  12. Thanks GW....for your input. Try-en to understand these codes...1st: when that PCM? comes up....what do I do then? 2nd. my problem was at speed my Cadi would stumble for a second or two then run ok. Starts ok, gas mileage still good. I replaced the coil inside the dist. cap today...that seemed to have cleared it up for now.
  13. Looking for a list of codes for my 94 Deville. The codes I have now are as: 026....I039....I052....and the PCM? is there also...any help would be great!
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