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02 SLS "NO DATA" from self diagnostics, fuel and temp gauges don't work

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Hi, I have an 02 SLS that is causing problems. The battery light and abs lights stay on (car is charging at 14.2 volts), the fuel and temperature lights stay on. When I access self diagnostics it says "no data" from every module. I tried the disconnect the battery and touch the positive and negative cables together trick as well as leaving the battery disconnected for four days. Is my instrument panel module bad or something else? thanks

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Your car's network is down. Start by checking the 10 Amp ALDL fuse in the underhood fuse block. On the Data Link Connector, there should be battery voltage on pin 16 and ground on pin 5 and also on pin 4. Do not touch pin 2 with meter terminals because that is the serial data line; it is static sensitive.

According to the 2002 FSM, the DLC network connection is to the Instrument Panel Module (IPM), the Dash Integration Module (DIM), and the CD changer. I believe that the "server'" on the car's network is the IPM because that is where the odometer is kept and it's the main computer on older cars, and because the rest of the network is on the DIM except the air bags, which are on the IPM. The fact that you are getting the "no data" message is evidence that the DIM is working, but it can't talk to anything else.

If you do get anything from the CD changer, IPM, SDM, RIM, VCIM, CTM, ESC, MSM, DDM, RCDLR, etc. then the part of the network connected to the DLC is working; if not, either there is a connector unplugged or the PPL network wire is shorted to ground or battery or whatever. If you get anything from the radio, theft deterrnet control module, IPC, EBCM, or PCM, the other portion of the network is working, otherwise that part of the network is down.

If you don't get anything, and the battery and ground are there on the DLC, my money is on the plug to the IPM being loose or off.

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Check your grounds. The two grounds on the transmission lower section near the left side on the radiator. The main battery ground near the rf framerail below the AC accumulator.

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