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Ridiculous Problem....and one solution


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Not just a GM problem but a whole industry problem.

Peeling radio and HVAC buttons.

This example is a 2010 Chevy Traverse.

You cannot buy just the buttons. You have to replace the complete radio or HVAC controller.

In this case a used radio was found for $35 shipped. Which is a bargain....just for the buttons...

As for the HVAC controller....you can buy replacement stickers.

Couple of pictures of the common problem...



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As for the HVAC....I tried a first set as a test....one failed when I tried to reposition one sticker....the rest of the original layer came off with it. At night the whole button had some dash light bleed thru.

So a second set was purchased..

Picture shows buttons masked off prior to some paint adhesion primer and light coat of black paint. The center black stickers will be removed...they will allow the indicators to light up at night.


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Here how it looks with the stickers now in place...the stickers are being sold on eBay for about $8 per sheet.


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This picture shows the stickers as they come from eBay. Picture shows 2 sets as the MIL Traverse also has the same problem.(!)

I guess I remember when radio and HVAC buttons outlived the car.

Anyway....someones clever solution to a common problem.


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I am glad there is a solution for the problem but in my opinion, the problem shouldn't exist in the first place. The manufacturers have cheapened up the product so much that it doesn't last for the life of the car - the durability plan does not equate to the actual useage.

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Very good post. you are not mentioning one other thing. The bulbs in all of the units, from the radio to the hvac, to the lights in the steering wheel. It is good if you dont like seeing what you are pushing.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I can understand a few cars having some wear from abuse or high mileage. But this is every single one. All the used controlers on eBay have worn out buttons.

This 2010 Traverse has under 100k miles.

It's something that you touch....and perhaps regret or question your buying decision everyday. And they wonder why all the customers go

try a different vehicle brand next time...


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