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No Start Cranks O K

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This is truly strange. It should need both crank sensors to run. Run the OBD codes and post them here and that will likely tell the tale. See the link in my signature block for a Caddyinfo page on how to run them from your A/C buttons without a code reader.

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I can fax you the alldata repair for the code P083, you just have to diag the code and its just a matter of ohming stuff out.

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Ohm readings taken at ignition control module connector C1 1117 ohms between pins a & b, 1125 ohms between pins e & f. No short to power or ground on the circuits. Ohm reading for wire 647 between icm c4 pin a and pcm 3f1 0, no short to power or ground . Cam sensor ohm readings taken at icm c2 1596 ohms between pins a & b, no short to power or ground.

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unplugging one of the sensors trips a limp mode which adjusts readings accordingly to be able to limp the vehicle to shop or home. Ecm uses info from all other sensors to compensate for the sensor that dropped. You may have a 5v reference problem and unplugging one of the sensors improves it. yours should work in nearly the same way


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