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America Start Your Engines: NASCAR on NBC featuring Nick Offerman

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America it’s time for a gut check. If the founding fathers saw us holed up in our little cocoons…texting each other smiley faces they’d hang their powdered wigs in shame. When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot. Yes, we the people have gotten soft and all the likes in the world aren’t gonna’ save us now. But one thing will…and it rhymes with MASCAR.


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Well, NASCAR has gotten soft too.......... for those 'old guys' (relatively speaking of course :) ), like me, that remember.

NASCAR, I think it was Bill France (or maybe Mike Helton) said that they aren't going to change the "Chase" format because of how it was so successful; not in my eye (it wasn't). JMO I still think that this year the 'Sport' will be scrambling; the 'great recession' of '08 was sited as one of the main reasons for the decline in attendance, etc., but even with the recovery that is still lacking.


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I don't like the new format of the the chase at all...

What's wrong with everybody racing as hard as you can and whoever has the most points at the end of the season WINS...

I know that may be a novel concept for some of the younger people and hard for them to understand....

You do good... you win...

You DON'T do good... you lose...

And only the WINNER gets a trophy...you don't get one just for being there...

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