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CADILLAC SEVILLE northstar 1994 Engine Noise


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I have a CADILLAC SEVILLE northstar 1994

I have a noise i the engine when i put in the drive.

Some hard metalic noise.

The noise is there when the engine is idle.

But when i thottle up the noise disappear.

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The first thing I would look at is the serpentine belt and anything on it. The second thing is the torque converter bolts.

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Depending on the noise: could be engine mount, transmission mount, internal transmission problem or a lot of other things; tough without more input as to frequency, intensity and kind of noise (clunk, buzz, rap, etc.).


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While the engine is off and the exhaust system is not too hot, try shaking the catalytic converter. It's possible the vibrational frequencies of the exhaust (at idle while in gear) are exciting broken pieces of ceramic substrate.


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