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Ok so she heated up and I left it cool down and was driving down the highway and it lost acceleration and I felt a pop and it shut off. We put a radiator in cause there was a hole in it. We replaced the thermostat and the upper and lower hoses. Now the overflow tank was filling up the whole way and it was bubbling. We flushed it to try and get the air out of the system and did everything we could think of hoping that's what it was. The light was also coming on and off. Now it's bubbling a little bit and so far the light hasn't popped off. We've done everything we can think of to get air out. I'm thinking maybe it's the head gasket but hoping it's not. If it is it will be too expensive and not worth fixing. The oil looks fine and it starts and runs. It doesn't run the best because it shudders a little bit but it stays running. I have never had this much of an issue with a car. Its got 125,000 miles on it I'm only the third owner and the body and interior is great. I'd love to be able to keep it but I cannot figure out what's wrong. I haven't gotten it to a shop yet afraid of paying more money if I can't keep it. I paid $600 hoping I could fix it up and clean it up and keep it or sell it gettin more money out of it to get something better on gas and cheaper to maintain and fix that will last me. HE

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4.1 engines had issues with the intake manifold gaskets failing. That is most likely what is wrong.

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Please see my detailed reply to the same post in your other thread here:


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