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WSJ: Your Car Recalled? Buy a New One!

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All cars are defective: No car couldn't be better made, better designed or consist of more reliable parts. GM's recall frenzy is a calculated crisis strategy born of the Cobalt mess, in which a genuine defect was allowed to linger in the market and may be responsible for more than a dozen deaths.

The strategy is working: Despite the furor, in the past six months GM has enjoyed its best sales since the last days of the housing boom whose 2008 bust tripped the company into bankruptcy.

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/news/article_email/holman-jenkins-your-car-recalled-buy-a-new-one-1404510246-lMyQjAxMTA0MDAwNjEwNDYyWj

Today's recalls are not your father's recalls. Edmunds.com says that half the Cobalts traded in for new cars last month were traded in for new GM vehicles. That's up from 33% before the Cobalt safety scandal surfaced in February. The auto industry was already learning how to turn recall lemons into lemonade, but GM under CEO Mary Barra is teaching an advanced seminar on the subject.


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Yeah, I'm not rushing in to get my supercharger replaced. In a few months, when the OLM gets down to 20%, I'll ask for a ride home if they have some things that they want to do.

I wondered if people would understand that GM has their back, proactively. From the stats quoted in the article, a lot of Cobalt owners feel that way after their dealer experience.

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It still remains speculative whether GM has lost any sales; yes sales are generally positive ('cept Cadillac of late), but we are still coming out of the 'Great Recession', so there is no telling on whether (with GM's current great product) they have not had an increase proportional to what they might have had. At least GM sales have not 'tanked', which they could have certainly done.


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