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I am Miss Seattle 2014 and am running for Miss Washington in less that a month. I have created this video for our top sponsor Brad Brotherton of Brotherton Cadillac. The Miss Washington contestant with the most views by 7/01 will receive a $500.00 scholarship. I ask that you please view my video all the way through, and let me know what you think. Feel free to view it as often as you like. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CToQ9Gy7_to.

Thank you so much.

Kimball Gainor

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I watched the video and it seems to be professionally done, but so slick as to feel like you are behind a glass wall - just right. The mini-outtake at the end of a scene or two where everybody relaxes a bit is a nice touch.

For the next video or commercial, I would like to see the beauty queen of Cadillacs, the CTS Coupe, featured. Or perhaps the ELR Coupe. The Escalades are easier to manage when you're on rollerskates, but think about a flat-footed scene with that very pretty car, preferably in a premium paint job like that white diamond Escalade, perhaps in Red Obsession.

$500 is a nice prize. It will get you books and your first month's rent on your college housing. Watch for a full scholarship in the Miss Washington prizes. Good luck.

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