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GM CEO Mary Barra Discusses Valukas Report with Employees

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On June 5, General Motors CEO Mary Barra discussed the findings of former U.S. prosecutor Anton Valukas on the ignition switch recall. This video is a quick summary of her remarks to employees and media.


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This seems an appropriate response; put it behind us but never let us forget it either. Even to those that 'pooh-pooh' General Motors response (often with 20/20 hindsight) and true angst against this corporation should mediate their thoughts and find in their evaluations, whether they are truly trying to reflect action/inaction or 'grandstanding' and getting a cheap-shot in (against this/or other corporations) when failures occur.


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This looks like an externally forced culture change, a hard-nosed management decision to restructure any areas that are determined to share a problem as clearly defined by inappropriate priorities regarding recall decisions affecting safety. It looks like some managers whose numbers determined their reviews were a little cold in saving money at the expense of safety. It's pretty clear that both the management-structured incentives that led to this and the ethics problems that let it happen are recognized and are changed.

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