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Tire Industry Fighting Legislation to Get Aged Tires Off the Road

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American tire companies have helped to defeat proposed laws in eight states that would require inspection of tires for age. Safety advocates say aging increases the risk of dangerous tire failures.

Ford, GM and Chrysler all urge motorists to replace of tires that are six years of age or older because of the possibility the rubber in them could degrade and create a dangerous situation in which the tire loses its tread.

"If we are thinking about a universal practice that inherently keeps you safe, six years is a good place to go," said Sean Kane, a safety consultant for several state governments and lawyers who sue tire companies.

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/tire-industry-fighting-legislation-aged-tires-off-road/story?id=23686666


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I think six years is arbitrary (at best); storage and other factors will have too great an effect on older tires. Michelin states that ten years is more appropriate (of a time) for replacement of tires that are in service; I tend to lean towards a ten year (max) time frame. Obviously self inspection, while it can't identify internal problems, should at least be checked for cracking/crazing/cuts/etc. I support NOT having a law, which at most may act as a band-aid (to the situation being presented (here).


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We don't need laws like that... A set of tires that is on a car that sits outside in the Florida sun will have a different life than a set that is on a car that is garaged. To establish some BS timeframe to apply to all tires is ridiculous.

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