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2003 DTS Does not Accelerate, Stalls/cuts out

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I bought an 03 DTS back in march w/ 80,000 and just recently its been stalling or cutting when i shift into drive or while i'm driving and come to a complete stop.

Just last night something new started happening also, the stalling has stopped but now it will sort of "half cut out" where while driving, the engine jerks and it feels like it just loses half of the power or fuel, and when the accelerator is pressed, it almost feels like nothing happens, and i continue to just coast at a steady 30-35mph.

i'm not really sure ab either of these two things, but I'm thinking it might be fuel/fuel pump related like the gas just isn't getting to the engine. any insight will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Are there any codes stored in diagnostics? OFF and INFO UP pressed simultaneously will put the system in diagnostic mode. ALL? will be displayed. Press ON/OFF to display the codes.

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wonder if this could be crank sensors, but fuel pump might be culprit also.

Not sure if the 2003 had the issues with the crank sensors but I know 2000-2002 sure did. They start out by stalling at idle and eventually will stall while driving, sometimes throws a code, sometimes doesnt


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May be a rotted intake plenum that has not set a code yet. I thought I had bad gas when mine started leaking.

Rubber part circled in picture. They rot out at the bottom where intake juices collect.


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