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What submodel is your Deville?

Base, DHS? DTS.

I believe that 2005 will be a vin 9 engine which is a 300hp Northstar

and if yours is a Y that means you have the 275 HP Northstar.

The transmissions are different in the way that they shift, The Ecms are different, and other things are likely different.

I am sure other members will pitch in here. Welcome To Caddyinfo.

If you dont mind, What is wrong with the current engine?


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I have a 2001 deville that needs a new engine and i found a engine to 2005 sts for a real a good price. Will the sts engine fit in my 01? I have a Y in my VIN. NUMBER

2005 STS is RWD - 2001 Deville is FWD. No way the the engine from the 2005 STS will work in the 2001...

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'05 Deville
'04 Deville
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I was sort of looking for one on my '01....I think a 2003 engine will drop right in. I think the pistons were slightly changed for 2003 with a anti slap coating...so salvage yards show it as a 'one' year engine only. Used 2003 engines are very cheap and plentiful because of this.

2004 engines saw a lot of changes. One being the coil banks were changed to individual coils...so the ignition system alone is a show stopper. But that may simply require swapping the valve covers...that said...there certainly could be and likely are other differences..

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I wasnt completely sure on the RWD so I didnt post that, and the COP setup also means different harness and ecm


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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