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09 DTS Help with pulling Trouble Codes

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I have just purchased a 2009 DTS and cannot figure out how to pull the Trouble Codes. In my past Cadillacs I had to press OFF & WARMER, but it doesn't seem to apply here. Did GM do away with this feature? Any help will be appreciated.


Art Perrone

Sodus Point, NY

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2005 was the last year for onboard diagnostics. The reason was not that GM didn't want customers accessing the information but that there were too many inputs needed and not nough buttons on the dash to provide the inputs.

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That's too bad! I like to check all of the systems now and then so I can catch something going wrong before it becomes critical. I don't have any messages on the DIC, but I do have an air bag light on the panel over the rear view mirror. I thought I read in the owners manual that if the light stays on, I should have it checked. (Not that I am a fan or air bags!)

Thanks to all for quickly responding to my question,

Happy Motoring,

Art Perrone

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The light over the mirror is for the PASSENGERS air bag...

It will be on all the time... but it will say OFF if no one is in the passengers seat.

It will say ON if someone is in the passengers seat.

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Your DIC will display a limited number of things that relate to codes. Your OnStar operator or smartphone/tablet app will see a lot more of them. To see them all, you need a laptop-based code reader or equivalent.

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