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96 STS just stopped while driving. Wont restart

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96 Seville STS just stopped while driving. Although I have been having some overheating problems, had just put in some Orange coolant, the temperature (gage) was only 1/4 past the normal temperature when the car just died while driving around town. Fan was on.

The fuel pump seems like it has no pressure in the fuel rail. Please tell me how to check it with a meter.

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There is a schraeder valve to check fuel pressure on the fuel rail. Be careful of fire risk anytime fuel may be spilled or sprayed.

Will the car restart?

This sounds like one symptom of a fuel pressure regulator issue.

Can you hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the ignition to aux, engine off?


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The in tank fuel pump may have died or more likely some in tank wiring has overheated the wiring terminals. 15 year old car..

To replace the fuel pump module assembly on a '96 the gas tank has to be removed.

You may find this page helpful:


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You should also check the OBD codes (see link in my signature block). A bad fuel pump won't throw a code but lots of cheaper things that can explain what happened, like a bad fuel pump relay, will throw a code.

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