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2000 dts. drains battery, instument panel goes nuts,

took it to dealer, they replaced battery, ECM module and IP moduie. called me said it was done. I picked it up drove 1/2 mile and returned it ALL the guages on dash wer going up/down, fan was changing speeds, ran like crap.

They had it another 4 days and said it was the theft module and the ignition module. they replaced these.

now i got it back, still runs like crap and have ALOT of DTC codes. starting with the p1336. my main question is, if they replaced the ECM should they have done a crankshaft relearn ? also they DID NOT store my old values for oil and tranny fluid . isn't this also supposed to be done?

i will send list of DTC if you want them

i have tossed 2600 at this thing and feel like i have been royally screwed.. Any one help me ??

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Yes we need the codes first before we can help much.

Best way would be to clear all codes... drive the car a little bit... and BEFORE TURNING OFF IGNITION... pull the codes and write them down.

Then post the codes here and we will help you.

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Sounds like a vehicle network issue to me....

Could be one of the computers has soured and is pulling the whole network down.

Could be a bad ground.

Could be corrosion on the battery terminals.

A list of the codes may help. I bet there are a bunch of them.

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I would go with Texas Jim for now. If you still get a whole bunch of codes, see how many are CURRENT and how many are HISTORY. If all of them are HISTORY, check the battery and battery cable. If the battery cable(s) is(are) dirty or loose, or the battery is low or tired, get that all squared away, clear the codes, and try again.

P1336 is "Memory seat module (MSM) current exceeds 81 amps" which means that the circuit breaker for the electric seats was thrown. This probably means that either you have a false code from a low battery or someone shorted the wiring harness for a few seconds.

Sometimes pressure-washing the car from underneath, or pressure-washing under the hood, can cause temporary dampness shorts that cause lots of codes that all go away in 24 hours and don't come back. That, and a possible low or bad battery/battery cable, are good enough possibilities to recommend clearing the codes and going again.

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