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replacing cabin filter 05 DeVille


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Just wondering if any of you guys have replaced your cabin filters.

I picked one up today and boy what a time I had getting the new one back in. AC Delco OEM filter

In fact I'm not sure how well the back end of it is seated in the frame. Is there a trick to getting it to slide in easy?

Maybe rubbing a tiny bit of silicone or 3in1 oil on the frame with your finger?


05 DeVille

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I had a droning/howling noise whenever it was windy so I pulled mine out to see if there was a leaf or debris in there (there wasn't...) and the filter slid right back in. The track is slightly curved. I would not use 3 in 1 oil but a little silicone spray might help the next time. I used compressed air and blew off the crud and reinstalled it.

Once the weather cooled off, the intermittent droning noise went away.

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I do not know if your 2005 is like my 2006 or not...

"IF" it is.. open the little door on top... where the filter goes.

Look at inboard side of the opening.

On mine there is a PUSH PIN that holds the filter FRAME in place.

Use a small bladed screwdriver to pop the head of the pushpin out... then use needle nose to remove the center bin and the pin holder..

The entire frame that holds the filter can now be removed.

You can now clean down in that cavity if needed.

It is easier to do than it is to explain HOW to do it... :):)

If you don't want to do all of that.... a little silicone spray on the edges of the frame that holds the filter helps it to go in quite a bit easier..

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Thanks for the replies. I'm going to pull it back out and then reinstall it after putting a little sicone on the frame because I don't think the back of the filter seated well.

thanks again

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If the fillter is the same as mine on my 2008 DTS, don't forget to fold the filter at the front cuts. When installed properly the filter should form a "V", with the front third sliding into the lower track.

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