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  1. Well, you can rule out road force balance, wheel balance, tires, or rotors. 30 mph vibrations are from seriously out of round tires or bent wheels, both of which you've already ruled out...twice, or from other mechanical issues. I'd be looking at CV joints, bad bearings, or other suspension parts at this point. Even loose tire belts, normally not visible at standstill, don't begin to cause vibration until about 60 mph.
  2. What were the final numbers on the road force balance? Did they have to re-orient any tires on the rims to reduce the road force? What standard minimum road force did they use as a guide? If like most, and they used 15 pounds, it is likely that you will continue to feel that. Oh, and this vibration IS most noticeable from 68 to 72 mph, right?
  3. I have a leftover GATES (US/made in Mexico) Part Number K030245 Micro-V that is brand new, never used. Would gladly mail it to you for free if you PM your address to me. Looks like former part number may be 3PK625. This belt probably fits all years of Northstar production. I only have one, so first person gets it.
  4. Jan, Does anybody in the Cadillac Club over there need a water pump belt for a Northstar? I have a leftover GATES (US/made in Mexico) Part Number K030245 Micro-V that is brand new, never used. Would gladly mail it to you for free if you PM me.

    Looks like former part number may be 3PK625.

    I no longer need it since my purchase of a MB E350 4matic.


    1. Jan Olsson

      Jan Olsson


      I'm sure that the belt will come to good use. I suggest that you post in the Swedish sub-forum about it since I made a promise that I'll never make a post there again. I did not agree to the Cadillac Club Sweden way of doing things (they feel that it is their forum) and was also tired of the attitude of far to many posters there. For a couple of years I was the moderator over there and discovered that they are nothing like the helpful and eager to learn bunch found in the American forum...

    2. JohnnyG


      Sorry to hear that Jan. If you personally don't need the belt, I will offer it for free on the normal forum. As you note, just trying to be helpful.

    3. Jan Olsson

      Jan Olsson

      I don't have any use for it but I'm sure that your help will be appreciated!

  5. When were the fuel filter(s) last changed?
  6. Getting back to your question for a moment, the answer is no. Even though gas charged shocks do provide a little bit of lift, you may only expect to see about a 1/4" difference in ride height. Not nearly enough to replace the air shock or load leveler type of shock that is required.
  7. It works great on windshields Mike, as well as all glass surfaces. In fact, glass is the easiest place to tell just how well it's working since the stains are much more visible on tinted glass. As far as the CLR goes, it seems a bit harsh. Maybe not so much on the car's finish, but I don't like that stuff on my hands. It's also quite a bit more expensive. The vinegar is cheap and most people have a little bit laying around the house. I've never tried mixing it with the wash water, but that might be an option. Maybe even in one of those hose end sprayers for the final rinse would work.
  8. Having lived in areas with very hard water, I can tell you that the marks left behind by the calcium deposits can be very annoying, especially on dark colored cars. I just learned an easy way to remove these spots before waxing. I used a pad of several layers of paper towel saturated with plain old white vinegar. It works like a breeze. I keep a terry towel with me and do about a panel at a time, wiping the vinegar off after letting it set for just a few seconds. After the wipe down, I either use a spray wax or a paste to make the car look like new again! Make sure the car is clean and cool to the touch. I'd recommend doing it in the shade as well to avoid streaks. I've tried to remove these marks in the past with polishing wax or scratch remover, and even though it works, it's a LOT of hard work. Using the vinegar is so easy you won't believe it!
  9. Don't know if your car had this option, but around 2006 (I know, much later) a recall was issued for the heated windshield wiper fluid heating tank. This recall was due to a smaller than needed printed circuit conductor inside the box, causing melting and possible fire. Recall fix was to cut the wires! My best guess though would be the blower motor or plug as Rockfangd suggested.
  10. What engine, and under which operating conditions is 20W-50 Mobil 1 even called for? Maybe a Porsch Turbo with 200,000 miles in, say, the Mohave Desert? Possibly racing engines? Just trying to learn here. I can tell you that the Mobil 1 0W-40 European Formula is called for year round in passenger car (V6) service. Complete with meeting fuel economy specs for those cars. My point is, sometimes you give up certain oil qualities for specific applications. Racing oil doesn't require much detergent, some diesel oils require more dispersents, Oils designed for higher mileage vehicles contain aromatic hydrocarbons in order to swell seals. To me it would seem prudent to understand exactly what I am giving up before I made the switch.
  11. So my question should have been directed more at the writer of the WSJ article, who, like so many others do not understand the Volt and what it is capable of. It is also my opinion that GM's position is just fine, based on the engineering knowledge it has gained in the Volt, and the Bolt, it will be able to respond quickly if gasoline prices head towards $4.00 per gallon again. Further, I see absolutely nothing special about a purely electric car. I'd much rather use 9 or even 25 gallons of gas a year and totally eliminate range anxiety.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying when you say that GM has "bypassed the hybrid wave with just the Volt and the ELR". The Volt is a great car, and still gets the highest satisfaction ratings of all GM cars by owners. ELR was just a really BAD idea, with a really HIGH price. The Volt was designed for the person that drives back and forth to work every day, and plugs in at night. No, it is not a highway cruiser and was never intended to be, but it did a fine job on the nonstop trip from Ohio to Florida. Not any worse than driving a Cruze or a Corolla. Having owned one, it just amazed me that I could cruise at 100 MPH on electricity alone. Driving the way I did, and how 80% of the population would drive the car, I filled up the 9 GALLON tank about once every 10 or 12 months! And no range anxiety since it has a gas engine for backup. So no, I don't believe that the Bolt is the only option out there at all.
  13. Having owned a 2008 DTS since new, I can tell you the things that happened to me. The front brakes were replaced under warranty for causing a shudder when they got hot. Not much of an issue in Florida so the previous owner may not have had the work done. This is a known issue, not exactly a recall, but WILL be covered by Caddy. It will only appear when going down a steep hill or other long grade. Amother item was the ignition switch. It would not sense when the key was removed, therefore the EXIT position of the seats and steering wheel would not activate. Replaced under warranty. Speaking of ignition switch, don't forget the key recall where the hole in the key was filled. This prevents torque from heavy items on the ring turning your ignition off at 80 mph! That's about it. If the car is anywhere near Edgewater FL, I'd be happy to look at it or meet you there. Mine sold recently with 40,000 miles on it for $15,000.00
  14. The one connector that I had trouble with on my 2008 Deville was the EBCTM (?) connector. This one is under the hood, on the driver's side back near the firewall. Some of the wires were too short and under certain body stresses, would pull the pins loose inside the connector. Someone else on this board had difficulty with that connector as well, but as I recall it was caused by rust not holding the connector together correctly. Since my car was a 2008, I couldn't read the codes, but I would get an intermittent traction control light. It was repaired under warranty. As far as the shake goes, and I know that I've beat this horse to death over the years....are you sure your tires are round? Have you had them road force balanced to under 10 pounds of force. Any high speed shake can usually be attributed to a rotating component. The road force shake usually occurs between 65 and 72 mph.
  15. "...But still using a little more than is being captured, so will do a change out this weekend and follow the lead of some folks outside the U.S. who are using a 0w40 or 5w40 in these engines. I am going to use a Euro spec 5w40 synthetic this go around instead of a 5w30 synthetic." The 0W-40 that you mention here should work well for you and should increase oil pressure slightly if that is your concern. The Euro-Spec is an interesting specification required by Mercedes Benz to meet fuel economy ratings in the W212 engines (V6, non turbo) and meets MB standard 229.5. ( look that up if you feel like a challenge!) Not many oils can be found in the US that meet that spec, including Valvoline Full Synthetic 5W-40. Yhe only issue that I see is that you are careful NOT to choose a diesel spec oil. Not that it will harm your engine, but you may lose in the MPG department. Another good choice is Castrol 0W-30, (Synthetic, AKA "Green Castrol") which has a viscosity of near SAE 40 when hot. Don't forget the SAE 40 will still be thin when hot, just not as thin as SAE 30.
  16. I was wondering about how you were doing with your tires. Sounds like you made a good choice.....and they are ROUND! I was researching your request on info and ran across a little tidbit of info that might come in handy. BF Goodrich is now owned by Michelin. BF G makes a tire that is supposed to be designed for these Caddys, and they have that long sweeping tread pattern that I found to be very quiet on the aforementioned Yokos. Might be worth a try. Sorry that I don't have the specific model info, but I found them on Tire Rack. Reviews were very positive.
  17. While you are at it and cleaning things up, please make sure that the air elimination line is open and free flowing with the engine running. This is a small rubber line or tube that originates from the throttle body, (the high point of the engine) and returns a constant small stream of coolant to the reservoir. The hollow bolt that this line is attached to, at the throttle body, can sometimes plug and prevent air pockets from clearing themselves. If it runs a continuous small stream, it is fine. If it does not flow, REMOVE THE BOLT and hose to clean it, do not blow any contaminants back into the engine.
  18. Any Organic Acid Type coolant can be used, regardless of manufacturer. You might look for GM approved coolant if you can. Green coolant with silicates should never be used in this engine. No need to flush anything with this engine. Coolant should be drained from the lower radiator hose. No plain water should be introduced into the engine. You can clean out the reservoir tank while you have the coolant out if you like, just for appearance sake. This year engine also requires the use a block sealant during refill. Use GM sealant or Bar's Leak powder (1 tube). Lacking the Bar's leak powder, the tablets will work, but they need to be crushed up before installation. Put the sealant into the LOWER RADIATOR HOSE, which is the suction to the water pump. This will put the sealant into the block and heads when the engine is first started. NEVER put bar's leak powder or tabs into the reservoir tank, they will never get to where the need to be to work effectively. Ensure that the coolant mixture is EXACTLY 50/50 concentration before refilling the engine. If you need to mix your own coolant, do it before putting it in the engine, and use only distilled water to dilute it with.
  19. I feel you brother. Been there. Take a test drive, they are very accommodating. Won't cost a dime. I didn't like the wear pattern on one tire on my certified 2014 350. Guess what, complete alignment check and a new tire! Doesn't get much better than that.
  20. GM really needs to get this kind of info out to the public. It's really a shame to see all this development go to waste just because the public is unaware of the added features. They did it with the OLM (in my opinion) and the ENTIRE Volt introduction. Sounds like a very useful feature.
  21. That wasn't by accident! Did you know that one of the new Jeep models, possibly the Renegade, is the same car as the Fiat 500 POP? The mb probably comes with autonomous braking too, lots of safety features. I tried to find a good certified CTS around here but they were not available anywhere. XTS's were everywhere though. Waiting to see if Michael made any progress on the leaking sunroof. Did you get a chance to work on it yet?
  22. That set of Yokohamas had a tread pattern very similar to the Michelin Hydroedge, which I hear was a very quiet tire. Don't know if they still make them though. Point here is the tread pattern with the long sweeping curved out design might be worth a look.
  23. For a very safe car, your daughter should be driving this 2013 C300, 22000 miles $26,000. Designed to run 150+ on the autobahn, AND AWD. And the coolness factor is over the top. 29 mpg highway. http://www.mbofmassapequa.com/searchused.aspx?DriveTrainType=AWD&Cpo=1&Year=2013
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