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  1. Stopped into Napa this morning to buy some rear brake pads for my 05 DeVille. The guy asked me for the brake code...something I have never been asked for in the past when buying rotors or pads for my car. He said the code would be found on a metal plate with lots of other codes on it such as the paint code etc. Any body ever come across this before.? Could not locate the metal plate with this info.
  2. Winterset I think maybe you misunderstood me. My reading on the display for the tranny fluid now after this filter change is 100%. It will get down to 50% eventually but more than likely will take several years. So, in order to save the cost of another gasket and the labor at my garage I'll wait till the fluid life gets down to around 50%. It should be just fine because this time the fluid was still looking good and the pan was very clean....and also the fact that I baby the car and rarely press down hard on the gas and usually if I'm on the freeway, rarely go over 65. Bruce
  3. Winterset Not sure what you're talking about. Towing was never in this thread
  4. Kevin and Rockfangd Thanks for this info about this secret plug, I would have been looking all over the tranny for it :>) I'll just wait for it to get down to 50% and then try to find it. Would it be on the drivers side or the passenger side of the tranny? Bruce
  5. Kevin, I'm going to try and get the car back up on the lift and see if I can find this plug on the side. About how many quarts will drain out of this plug? thanks Kevin for the info. Bruce
  6. I would LOVE to see Cadillac bring back a classic style full size Fleetwood with rear wheel drive with the beautiful classic interiors and all the chrome bumpers and trim on the exterior. Like the late 80's and early 90's.
  7. Kevin Didn't know about the side plug...well next time I change the fluid and filter I'll check that out. I went down to the place where I bought the filter and gasket kit and they opened a new one and it contained 4 of the plastic sleeves. I'm guess it's incase the customer damages on or looses one.
  8. Thanks guys I bought the oem ac/delco kit. Came with the two filters and the oem gasket with the steel sleeves. Just before I left for the garage, I found the schematic that Steve put on for the torque sequence on the internet and printed it out. and used that. Just drained what fluid came out when we took off the pan. The old filter looked good and the bottom of the pan was very clean with just a VERY slight amount of sludge on the magnet...I mean like almost nothing. What I did find odd, was that after we finished the job I found two more of those orings..more like sleeves that slide onto the filters. I know we put a sleeve on each of the filters before we put them on, so just hoping the kit supplied us with two extras. With the amount that came out by just dropping the pan, it took about 31/2 quarts to bring it up to just a shade over the cold line.
  9. Draining transmission pan tomorrow, changing the filter and doing a refill. Does anyone know the correct torque for the little pan bolts for putting the pan back on? Bruce
  10. Took it to the body shop and they did a quick fix so the car is usable. Pulled the fender out where it meets the door and fit the new headlight assembly. Fender looks a little wrinkled but not terrible. Will do the full repair after winter is over. Cost for this little facelift..$397.88 +tax
  11. Yes ,there is some minor damage to the door. Just a bit of ripple towards the front of it....but the job could be done without replacing the door. I just got an estimate this morning. They said they don't do jobs that are not 100% If I could do the job myself in my carport I would just replace the fender,headlight assembly and the grill. The plastic fastener on the right side of the grill that holds it to the hood broke. All in all, less than 600 in parts...and I would order the prepainted fender. The body shop I went to wants to replace the headlight, fender,bumper cover, grill and door. and mix their own paint and spray everything and blend it in to the rest of the car....and they want $4,078 to do the job.They said they would take them 7 days to do the job
  12. Well lets see if it works this time
  13. For some reason the photo won't upload. I resized it to below the required 64kb...it goes through the motions but it doesn't seem to post..UNLESS it's a delayed process in which the photo needs to be reviewed before it's posted.
  14. having problems posting the photo. I'll try it again. I did see that these fenders can be ordered prepainted to factory colors.
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