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I had a quick brake job done while I was busy on other things in August and was uncomfortable with the feel of the brakes. At year-end, cleaning up affairs, I ran across the invoice and did a web search on the part numbers, and, viola, the rotors and pads were low-end "economy" parts. The guy that did the job just called a parts house and that's what they sold him.

I did some research on the web and saw that there are three general categories of both pads and rotors: economy, daily driver, and heavy duty. The OEM parts for Cadillacs seem to be on the high end of the daily driver line, as you would expect. For just a few dollars more, you can have heavy duty parts, and I love road trips but hate long downgrades from mountain passes and high speed emergencies. Not too far back I had a harrowing experience with a rental car driving down into Jackson Hole; I found I had to keep the car under 40 mph for safety and to protect the engine, transmission, and brakes.

The simplest way to go seemed to be a PowerStop kit, part number K1543, which includes drilled and slotted rotors, ceramic pads, quieting clamps, and sensors. The only disadvantage is a few more dollars than OEM quality rotors and pads. So, I put it on.

The brakes were a little stodgy right out of the shop, sticking a little as I came to a complete stop, but after I did the recommended break-in procedure (multiple aggressive near-stops followed by a five-minute cool-down), they are smooth as silk. They are more responsive than stock brakes, and very easily controlled. You can put ultra-high-performance tires near the limit of traction very easily and keep complete control without invoking the ABS and all that, which of course is still there if you need it.

After a couple of weeks of driving with them, I have absolutely no complaints. They are silent, responsive, easily controlled, and exhibit zero fade an the around-town driving I've done so far. They are advertised as long wear and low dust. It will take a few months or more to evaluate dust, and years to evaluate long wear, but all the online reviews I saw were positive and I expect that these will perform as expected over the long haul.

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Very good.

Glad of your favorable impressions so far.

I will keep that in mind when/if I need now ones on my car again.

I do sometimes drive a little more briskly than the avarage Cadillac driver and you can never have TOO MUCH brakes.

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Glad to hear it Jim, she must be riding terrific now with all of the work you have done. Glad you are happy with that set up

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