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Aftermarket warranty - positive experience


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Happy New Year all,

It's been awhile since I've posted anything but I wanted to share this as I was pleasantly surprised recently.

I bought my Raven Black 2007 DTS Performance last August and decided to pay around $2,500 for an aftermarket warranty through Motorist Assist Plan (MAP). I did buy the "platinum" package and read through it carefully to see what exclusions there were.

All of a sudden a couple weeks ago I noticed that I consistently had a new, half-dollar size oil leak under my car each time I parked it. Took her into the dealer at ~65K miles to find that my half-seal had gone out. Estimated cost to repair the leak was in the $3K range, which is about what I expected. I had the dealership call MAP and quite frankly I was expecting a hassle, just due to the experiences I'd had with warranty companies when I worked for a GM dealership myself a long time ago.

MAP honored their warranty without a hassle, and did not even send out an adjuster. They were initially NOT going to cover the cost of the A/C recharge and a few other things that are listed in the FSM for this repair. However, my Service Writer pointed to the FSM procedures and MAP ended up covering them without further questions.

I only had to pay for an alignment and brake bleeding, along with my $100 deductible. I would defiitely recommend buying the warranty, as it's paid for itself in the first 16 months of ownership and it was a really positive repair experience.


<!--fonto:Arial--><span style="font-family:Arial"><!--/fonto-->2007 DTS Performance - 50K


As a matter of fact, I <i>am</i> driving 70 MPH in a phone booth.

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If you have any little "CLUNKS" in the front...like when hitting a pothole or when on a rough road... have them check the STRUT BEARINGS...

that seems to be fairly common in our generation of Cadillacs.

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Its a gamble. So far its saved you $400 sounds like

* 1966 Deville Convertible

* 2007 Escalade ESV Black on Black

* 1996 Fleetwood Brougham Black on Black V4P -Gone
* 1983 Coupe Deville Street/Show Lowrider -Gone

* 1970 Calais 4dr Hardtop GONE
* 2000 Deville DTS - Silver with Black Leather and SE grille GONE
* 1999 Seville STS - Pearl Red GONE

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I piurchased a GMPP on 2001 right before it went out of the Bumper to Bumper warranty so I got 4 plus 7 years for a total of 11 years coverage with a zero deductable. lots of stuff covered including Half Case front struts water pump ect. I got my money's worth on the GMPP. Right before it went out of the GMPP the dealer offered me a Fidelity Platinum warranty with a Zero deductable at a reasonable price for another 4 years. Since I like the full size 2001 DTS and I really like the car I purchased it and so far the covered 4 Tire pressure monitors and a Rear intergration module. No charge no hassle.

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