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  1. As a follow up the trunk torque springs will be delivered next week from NEW GM PARTS direct. Guess GM decided to manufacture more!
  2. Checked with New GM parts direct and was advised by Jason that the trunk Torque springs for trunk lid are available . Part 15847684 and 15847683
  3. Let me add one more thing about extending the warranty on an older car. Most warranty's have a provision that if the costs of the repair exceeds the book value of the car, they can just pay you book value and get out of the repair. You need to really think about that before you do what I was able to do.
  4. The car is a bit of a dinosaur but I really like it. Perhaps by the time it goes out of warranty Cadillac may make something I like.
  5. CBOYLE · Registered Joined Oct 2, 2003 · 133 Posts Discussion Starter • #1 • 33 mins ago Edit ••• my 2011 DTS Platinum was about to go out of the GMEPP platinum warranty early next year. Since the car has only about 54K on it I went over to the dealer and asked about an extension. Honestly did not think it could be done. Well pleasantly surprised since the car is under 10 years old they could plane another GMEPP Platinum warranty on it with no deductible if the car is taken to their shop for repairs. If taken to any other dealer the $100 deductible will apply The costs was about $4400 and get $700 back on the cancelled GMEPP warranty. So now covered until 2025 or 105,000 miles. Lots of money but peace of mind. Keep in mind NOT all dealers have the ability to do this. I called Allan Black Cadillac who sold the first GMEPP he said "GM only gives you one bite of the apple" Glad I checked further.
  6. Refund received. BEWARE if not on hand by seller on EBay
  7. One Caddy dealer told me GM has something called FPAC. This is a system that if the dealer is working on a car and the Tech is in need of a discontinued part the dealer can go into this FPAC system and provide the VIN number. Any dealer with that part on the shelf is required to ship it for next day delivery. Never heard of that. Not quite that desperate. Just trying the Platinum DTS number one shape as long as I can. Nothing on Parts Voice or Vintage NOS
  8. Not sure I got them guy on ebay did not have them on hand but is ordering and when he receives was going to ship to me bit of a scam working on refund will advise dealer said cars that age is now considered to old will advise
  9. Did not break but would not pop open like it did in the past. they were adjusted to max. Not sure dealer was correct when said discontinued. but glad I found on e bay thanks
  10. Just located two on EBay brand new. $111.72 total As info the part numbers I supplied are the LATEST part number for 2006 to 2011 DTS
  11. They are defective and want to replace. Cross reference should show up in GM parts book Any ideal where I can get them or after market? Thanks
  12. I am in need of a two trunk torque springs for my 2011 DTS Platinum. One is discontinued. The other is still available. Do not want to go to Junkyard! We tried Vintage and Parts voice. Checked after marked no luck The one we cannot find is 15847684 The other is still available 15847683 I want to replace BOTH any suggestions permitted Thanks
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