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  1. I have a 2011 Cadillac Platinum DTS. I would like to change the transmission filter and install a new pan gasket. Want AC Delco parts. Just want to confirm the correct kit is TF305. I think I saw two different kits and want to be sure before I drop the pan. Can someone confirm? Thank You
  2. Last Saturday we ordered a 2016 SRX Premium AWD vehicle after not being able to find a 2015 that the wife liked. We ordered it with nearly all the factory options we could find. Driver assist included We are trading her 2012 Premium AWD fully equipped. Now I am wondering if it comes with the memory wheel? The 2012 we are trading did not have this option. When I drive it I hesitate to move the steering wheel. My car is a 2011 Platinum DTS and we both like the wheel that adjusts to the driver . No big deal if it does not have it but was wondering if anyone here was aware if it would have it? Thanks
  3. Jim, I suggest the new Gm Warranty. Not the old one now owned by Ally bank. Look up James Black Cadillac in Ebensburg Pa Talk to the owner Alan Black. Suggest you read his website comparing the GMPP and the new GM warranty. You can reach Alan at 1-877-472-9550. No sales tax! Good Luck
  4. This was well written and enjoyable to read. Take good care of that Platinum DTS.. That is the end of an era. I extended the GM warranty until 2021 on mine.
  5. Jim, I also have a 2011 Platinum DTS. Love the car. Have not taken on a long run yet. Just wondering what you thought of the 3:70 axle ratio at highway speeds? I would hope for an OD that would lower the RPM's a bit more at 70 MPH. Your thoughts?
  6. BUICK11

    GM recall

    When new keys are available my preference is to just purchase new ones since I do not like the looks of the FIX. 2011 DTS Platinum. Wife has keyless 2012 SRX so no problem Just wonder how long it will take to get the new blanks out to the parts departments?
  7. BUICK11

    GM recall

    Just heard on news that the key recall now includes 2000 to 2005 Deville and 2004-11 DTS 2013-2014 ATS and CTS for a faulty shift cable. I had a 2001 DTS for many years without a problem and currently own a 2011 DTS. any additional information?
  8. BUICK11

    Replcement for GMPP?

    Alan Black (the owner) is the best and many times you will deal with him directly when you purchase a warranty. over the years I have purchased many warranty's from him. My 2001 DTS was covered until 2005 under the factory warranty. He extended it another 7 years under the GMPP I chose the zero deductible (expense) So it was covered until 2012. I recently purchased a 2011 Platinum DTS and got a warranty from Alan Black good until 2021. No Sales tax helps
  9. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    My bumper to bumper expires 10/06/2015. I extended a GMPP with a $100 deductible until 2021 or 106K miles. Picked it us today before the major snow storm. Paid ZERO. Just the tip I gave to the Tech who worked on the car. Thanks for the input. Hope for the best
  10. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    Back to the oil leak. I was over at the dealer every day last week to watch the progress. I do not like to see a car with only 30K on it taken apart like that. I had the top technician working on it. I gave him a tip to treat it like his own car and I believe he did a first class job. Now I was wrong when I thought that Cadillac improved the oil leak situation on the newer models, I can only hope the head gasket has been corrected on the 2011. Thanks to all for comments
  11. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    The Lincoln's are a heck of a buy for the $50K range. You can get a nice Hybrid for under $40K. Of course the depreciation is like a rock. I just extended the warranty on my Platinum DTS until 2021. (Talk about not buying green bananas!) Hope Cadillac gets it's act together with a reasonable priced full size car.
  12. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    Thanks Jim for a tip. Just placed it up on ramps and checked the oil pressure sensor and it is dry. On the way to the dealer to drop it off I stopped by the Lincoln dealer to look at the MKS AWD Eco Boost. List is only about $56K for a fully loaded vehicle. About $10K less than a Platinum XTS. They gave me a very good price on my 2011 Platinum DTS with 31K on it. I do not like either one and do not consider them full size luxury cars. ( I continued on to the dealer to have it sealed up. Hoping for the best.
  13. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    Yes I read it may be over $100K which is a bit much for me. I have owned to many Cadillac's to list since my first Coupe De Ville in 1969. may be time to move on once the Major Guard expires on this 2011 DTS Platinum. End of an era for me.
  14. BUICK11

    Another Oil Leak

    My 2001 was sealed and lasted 10 years until I traded the car. I purchased this car because I thought some of these issues were corrected. I read that Cadillac is going to redesign the flagship full size car in about 5 years to a bigger car with RWD. 5 years is a bit long to wait for a car that may have a market now some of us do not even buy green bananas.