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I would try a local wrecking yard first...

I did not find it at ROCKAUTO...

These seen pretty expensive to me... but...











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I Found one for 73.22 for both pieces at gmdirect. I do have the old one but it is so faded. I am sure the junk yard ones would be too.

I wonder if anyone refurbishes the old one I have. What would they do dip it in chrome and repaint?

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I doubt anyone refurbishes them. The are either brass or zinc castings that are chromed. The colored, graphic part is formed by one of two methods: 1) The grapihic is called an "applique" that is placed into a mold along with the metal portion of the emblem and then clear plastic is molded to the metal which bonds the applique to the metal portion of the ornament. Hard to do without specific mold tooling. 2) the Applique is overmolded with the clear plastic and has an adheshive back that attaches to the metal casting of the ornament.

Either method would be expensive to duplicate in the aftermarket as specific tooling would be required.

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
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