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  1. A self-storage auction buyer recently purchased the contents of a unit at Pond Springs Storage in Austin, Texas, for $51 and discovered 500 separate pieces to a 1959 Cadillac under a greasy tarp. In restored condition, the two-door coupe could be valued at more than $50,000, according to MyAustinStorage.com, which owns the facility. He got it for 50 bucks!!!
  2. It was -9F on Monday, and the belt popped off in the cold again. I got a new belt that was an inch shorter ( a 785k6 ) and everythign appears to be working correctly now The correct belt for the 4.5 A/C bypass appears to be a 785k6
  3. Well, well. The belt came off the pulleys today while I was almost home. Quite the surprise to not have power steering any longer I'm not sure if I didn't have everything aligned right, and it worked its way off... or if the belt is slightly too long. When I got home and put the belt back on it came right off again. I got everything lined up correctly and now the belt stays on. I DID notice that my automatic tensioner is almost all the way extended... meaning that there's room for my belt to be shorter. I noticed that there's a 780k6 belt which is 1.5 inches shorter or a 785k6 belt which is an inch shorter, and I might give one of those a try instead. Any suggestions?
  4. I purchased the belt last night, although I didn't get a $20 credit for some reason. Maybe I already used it, who knows LOL The 79.5" belt is correct for the 1990 4.5 A/C bypass. The belt I got was a 795k6 (79.5" 6 rib) The A/C pulley seems to spin OK when it's cold. There are metal shavings inside the pulley, though. It makes noise and seems to bind a little when the underhood temp increases. I got a bad rattling chain type of sound when I got stuck in traffic once. The last thing I need is a snapped belt and being stranded somewhere, the temps around here have been single digits lately. I'll keep my eye on it, but for now it looks really good
  5. Thanks Jim The car has been converted to 134 already and does not use the old style freon. This was done in 2001/2002 and the freon is low/empty now. The A/C hasn't worked since I bought the car, and I haven't had a car with working A/C for close to 10 years now. I don't think anyone makes a dummy pulley for this, though. I'm also assuming the A/C system has leaks and I don't want to spend the money to fix that. The car only has 63k miles on it. It's seen better days, though. I wouldn't rate it Excellent, more like average or slighly above average. I rescued it from going to the junk yard, got the car for $750 and put some work into fixing it up and doing intake manifold gaskets and stuff (there was water leaking into the oil internally). It's not going to last forever and I knew that going into it but I love the style and wanted the car I've been searching cadillacforums.com and have found 2 references to a 79 inch belt. One person measured his 1989 4.5 with a string and said it was 79 inches. I've found a 79.5" belt at AutoZone that I'm going to try, and hoping that the 89 and 90 use the same belt. I've looked at the diagram in my shop manual and looked at the car and there doesn't appear to be anything that will rub or get in the way. Plus with my $20 credit and the belt being $20 plus tax the repair is "free" and I think I will go the cheap route for now.
  6. Do the 89 and 1990 4.5's use the same serpentine belts? I found reference to someone replacing the standard belt with a 79" belt on an 89 4.5 to bypass the A/C pulley. If this will work I think it's the route I will take. I have a $20 credit at auto zone and it would pay for the belt, or most of it anyways. EDIT: AutoZone has a 79.5" belt, 795K6, for $20. I will be trying that out and will report back.
  7. Searching the internet now for options. It looks like my options are: - bypass pulley. Autozone, Napa and Orielly aren't any help, they don't list a bypass pulley for this car. Neither does RockAuto. Autozone said they could see a Dorman brand bypass pulley but have no part number and don't carry it. - shorter belt. I have seen reference to a 79.5" belt that might work??? Any downside to doing this? - used compressor. Might cost around 50 bucks? Any recomendations?
  8. Hi Guys! My A/C pulley is binding up. I can see metal shavings on the pulley. It's time to fix this thing before the belt breaks and ruins something else. I have searched around for a "bypass pulley" with no luck. I can't find one at RockAuto or at the parts stores. I've searched around a little and I've seen mention of simply removing the A/C altogether and using a shorter belt. It SOUNDS like there were three versions: -no A/C, no P/S -P/S, no A/C -A/C and P/S (I have A/C and power steering) Is that right?? Is it possible to simply remove the A/C and run a shorter belt for P/S no A/C?? RockAuto shows two different ACDELCO serpantine belt lengths for this car: 88 1/8", 86 5/8" I'm assuming one is regular and one is the California emmissions version. Anyone have any advice? Thanks Guys!!!
  9. I think you need to fix the security issue before the car will start. I have written a tutorial on how to fix it that you can find here If you have any questions or need help, I or another member can help.
  10. That's what I did in my 1995 STS with a tape player. I bought a $5 tape adaptor off Ebay or Amazon, and I hooked it up to my ipod mp3 player.
  11. If the manuals don't sell here, I'd try ebay.
  12. I've had good luck with Mothers spray on foam tire and wheel cleaner, it comes in a red spray bottle. That and a sponge got my white walls really white, but I have Michelin or something and not Vogue. Magic Eraser also works well. These are my first white wall tires and I havent tried any other products on them yet.
  13. in my (limited) experience, the passkey problem will either get worse and worse until it doesn't work anymore, or it will disappear for a long time until you're suddenly stranded. I've had both happen to me On my old 95 STS It showed up one day, didn't show up for another almost two years, and then I was stranded at a buddy's house.
  14. Here's another one that's good until October 21st: 108725058925319
  15. If a known good key doesn't work then the wire in the ignition is probably broken. I've repaired this twice now on two different cars, and I have the first draft of instructions done. ( http://www.diycarfixes.com/easy-passkey-bypass/ ) There aren't any pictures yet, and some of the wording might need to be made more clear. (any suggestions would be appreciated) You'll need a multimeter, a soldering iron, and about $12 in parts from Radio Shack. I check Caddyinfo everyday and will be around to help if you have questions.
  16. looks good! What kind of equipment do you use to paint it?
  17. I looked in my car for a Caddyinfo card to leave him but they must have been at home.
  18. Taken with my camera phone at work. Someone in a red Allante parked next to me Pretty sharp looking car, it's real clean looking. Sorry for the bad photo!
  19. From my memory on a 1995 STS with the NS. Yes, there should be an oring on the bottom of the FPR.
  20. Did you already have the replacement windows?? All that's needed to remove the tint is a razor blade. There's a spray-on product that helps a lot but it's not needed.
  21. rockfangd, did you end up taking the tint off? What did the troopers say?
  22. Jim, tint is measured by the amount of light that is allowed through. 35% tint is actually darker than 50% tint. The really dark "limo" tint is 5% or 10% because it only lets a little bit of light through.
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