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  1. Is there any specific problems to look for like the Head gaskets on the Northstar engines in the past years? I am not up on all the issues not related to engine. Should I worry about mileage on like a 2011? The only ones I could afford in the 2011 would have more mileage than the 2007, 8 9's.
  2. I am looking at a 2007 DTS with 59000 miles for 10,900. I keep looking at all DTS's up to 2011's too. Which year of DTS between 2007-2011 are the most reliable? I have a 2002 Deville now with 205,000 and I have put over 140,000 miles on it myself. I like the Deville and cant see going with the smaller cars. I keep trying to convince myself to get a new car like a Ford Fusion. But, I don' think I will like it after driving cadillacs for years now. Help me out guys!
  3. It has work! Car has 202000 miles now. But it is missing and has a shift problem every now and then. I took it in to new owners at transmission place and they said it was too expensive to fix and it won't hurt anything to keep driving it so I am driving it until it dies.
  4. Took this car to transmission shop and they want to take the transmission out to work on it. Over $1000 to start the repair. I haven't decided what to do yet and now it is losing power like an alternator problem. Taking back to shop. will driving it with the trans messing up hurt anything else? Transmission shop didn't really want to fix trans and then have it mess up again later. Of course, they want to put a different trans in. sigh...
  5. Where is it located? I will be searching archives for this too.
  6. Pulling IPM BO429, pCM PO463 History, PCM P1860.Car is missing terrible at highway speed. What do you think? transmission selonoid again?
  7. 95 STS needs alternator will a 97 eldorado's work? My husband is removing it from the 97 to use in the 95 and I dont know if it will work.
  8. Just got a call. He is replacing selenoids. Four of them. The bill has shrank. $389.00. Thanks again guys. I asked the mechanic to check it out and he said he would because of the information I received here on this forum. I should be back on the road tomorrow
  9. Even with the burnt trans fluid? I asked that question to the auto shop and he said the burnt smell in the fluid means there was an internal failure and the solenoids would not fix it. The place I am taking it to today only does transmissions.
  10. "Verified customer concern on test drive. Hooked up scanner codes p0171 p0174, p0141 and p0752 present. Monitored scan data nad freeze frame. Transmissionj fluid is full but burnt smeling. indicating an internal failure. Tested 1-2 shift solenoid failed this is cause for harsh shift, when this code is set tranmission goes into default which applies full pressure to system TCC solenoid failed causing slippage concern when driving at hiway speeds. Engine vacuum leaks, found intake & or gasket at right rear is leaking badly also throttle body gasket leaking both need repaired with transmission concern" Above is from the Auto Shop who tested it and charged 80. Their quote was 2600 for a used and 4600 for a new. I called 3 transmission shops and found one right across from NAPA parts store that is supposed to be good. I take it in at 830 in the morning. I hope to drive this car for another year or so. There is a oil leak somewhere But, everyone so far tells me it will cost too much to fix. I am not sure if it is a pain in the butt to get to or what the reason is for the blow off of the oil leak. I would like to have that fixed to so I didn't smell burning oil when I stop to get the mail or pick up drive thru. Plus putting oil in when the check oil level comes on.
  11. 1500 is supposed to be rebuilt with 12 month or 12000 mile guarantee. Pulled a po752 I think it was. I knew it was not shifting. It was bucking when trying to shift. I tried to use 3 instead of overdrive and it was a little smoother but still rough shifting.it has some air leaks in the engine that have to be fixed too
  12. my 2002 Deville needs a transmission. the first place I took it to didn't work on transmissions the second place I took it to charged me $80 to tell me it needed a transmission and gave me a price of 4600to fix with a new transmission or 2604 a used transmission. now I have it setup to go to another place put a transmission in for about 1500 does this sound reasonable. The car has166000 miles on it. Started missing second gear a week ago. I knew it was not good but was hoping for a repair instead of the whole tran replacement. He said the fluid smelled burned.
  13. We took the MAF out and put the old one back in. Look at all the hoses and the plenum part. We cant see anything wrong. It is still missing and surging. I reset codes took it for a drive and it is showing both 174 and 171 again. Now what?
  14. Surging pretty bad today. I feel like it is going die on me. Pulled codes at gas station. It is showing a upcoming u1000 history, and u 1000 history. Sdm u 1000. Silly phone keeps changing what I type in. Abs 1214,1232,1248 current. I have to figure this out before I am stranded.
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