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Paying for the work to have it show on records

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I purchased a well cared for 2004 Escalade for my wife. Carfax report showed the work that had been done. I like to do things myself though.

My question is should the work be done by dealer/shop so it shows the records. I probably would not have bought it if I did not see the work done unless there was records the owner had kept.

What are your opinions about this?

I must admit I love it, and will probably keep it for a long time. Just curious if anyone would buy one used without the records?


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One way to do this for work you do yourself is keep a log for the car, and receipts for supplies used. So the log would show oil change at 75,000 miles and there would be a receipt for oil, filter, etc.


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Like Bruce said...

Go ahead and do the work yourself... just keep the receipts and keep records...

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a used one if the owner had receipts and records of doing the work.

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I keep an Excel spreadsheet for every car, snowmobile, etc. that I own to keep records of various repairs done. When I sold my 96 Seville last fall, I kept a print out of the maintenance log in the glove box. When the buyer say that log, he knew I took good care of the car and that helped to make the sale.

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