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radio wont turn off

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The radio runs on the retained accessory power, which either times out after 10 minutes or cuts off when a door is opened. The most likely culprit is the switch that tells the car's computers that the door is opened, but I'm not sure why it doesn't time out. You can check this quickly by seeing if opening the passenger door and see if that turns off the radio. The second thing to look at is a stuck relay.

Please run your OBD II codes and post them here. The link in my signature block brings up a Caddyinfo page with instructions. With that, we can get to specific things to look at or fix.

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When I turn off the car, pull out the key and open the door the radio should turn off. Mine does not and the next day the battery is dead.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot for the help. I checked the relay (after I found them :) and checked the accessory relay and found that it was stuck. After spending only $18.00 and the time of a battery charge, shes all fixed.

Thanks again!

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I believe the Radio is a just one of many symptoms you may have & just don't know yet. Most likely, it's not the cause of anything.

After you shut the car down and open the drivers door, can you still put the windows up & down with the power switch?

does the condition change when you open the passenger door?

I agree that it's probably a stuck RAP relay.

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I have a 2013 Cadillac ATS. I had to open up the instrument panel fuse box and take out the fuse marked "Display". That finally got it to turn off. However, it's only a temporary fix, since when I put the fuse back in it turned on again. For now I plan to leave it out while my car is off and jimmy rig it with some tape so I can pull it out at any time without pliers/tweezers.

Anyone have any ideas for a more permanent fix? I tried pulling out my RAP relay fuse, but I didn't immediately see any issues with it, and the display was still on when I took it out.

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Check the RAP, or Inadvertent power relay. If it has one. IT may be integral to the fuse panel... If that is the case the box may need to be replaced, unless someone is repairing them


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