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  1. left him an e mail waiting to hear from him
  2. i used felpro and the back head already blew i month wonderd if i used a brand like cometic it would hold up better also used jakes stud kit
  3. REPLACEING HEAD gasket on 99 north star what brand hg would you use felpro, cometic , or some orther brand?
  4. i had a scraping noise on my 98 deville it was the front rotor dust plate it was bent on the bottom of the rotor scraping aganist it
  5. Update started car this morning and no smoke! drove it around and down the highway and seems to run fine thank god! man what a releaf changed out with new coolent i dont get itwhen it was smokeing yester day we just had a rain storm which made it very humid out must of been condonsation i still dont understand were the coolant went isnt in the oil, and didnt go out the pipe i used 50/50 mix was 100% out yesterday would it evaporate like that?
  6. installed jakes stud kit 1 month ago was in the 100s here in ny 2 day car o0ver heated while my girl went 2 the store lighht came on low coolant had no leaks on car and checked it yesterday cooled it off had very low coolent in it when i filled it up started smokeing I cannot belive this is happening 2 me! i have no idea were the coolent went had 50/50 mix in it was running great looks like ill be taking it a part again.
  7. No i did not i found out if i drive it for a few miles it quites itself down i put 2 tall cans of freon in it , it blows cool not cold so i put another small can of freon in it and still the same i thought since i had it apart i didnt have to vacum the system does vacuming the system make a huge diffrence?
  8. THE CAR WAS SITTING ABOUT A YEAR AND THE AC LINES WERE APART I MAY HAVE PUT TOO MUCH FREON IN IT THOUGH WILL IT HURT IT? forgot the caps lock was on sorry can i adjust the gap my self
  9. I charged my ac last week thought it was blowing cold till it got really HOT lately when ac is running motor is super quite with clutch engauged. When i turn the ac off i get a loud ringing sound from the compressor is that normel? or are the bearings going? any thoughts on this .
  10. Ifound this link on cadillac owners .com on the how to section i took it apart again and cleaned all the contacts they had black on them put it back together and this time i pushed all the wires on the conecter in with a little screwdriver , all the windows work now and yes all the orther windows worked before this on there own switches. im bad when it comes to pcs i dont know how to put posts up from orther places or id show all of you my pics of my car and rebuild. im sorry its on tech tips
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