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If you need any mechanical, electrical, ..ect parts for your caddy other than the floor mats....this site has the most stuff at the best prices I've seen around. Just to give you a quick example, I have a '98 STS with the electronic front struts. From Cadillac and most other places they go for around $740 a piece. This place sell them for around $545 a piece. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Here is the link to the site.


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Hey I am lookin for floor mats for my caddy. This isn't the only caddilac item ive been looking for and not been able to find them. So if anyone could help me I would be very happy.

I have a 94 STS so any wheres I can buy floor mats would be very helpful.

I have not bought from them...yet...but the mats look real nice.

I am thinking about getting the ones with the embroidered Cadillac Crest on them.


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Well, I personally am a big E-bay fanatic! You can find some really great deals, just be careful who you buy from and always check their feedback score. In the past I've purchased new wheels, trim pieces, ect.. I resently purchased 2 new transponder keys for my Deville far cheaper than I could have from the dealer or a locksmith. Walmart cut them for free and I programmed them myself.

As for mechanical, www.rockauto.com is a great place for replacement parts. I got my crank shaft position sensors from them very reasonable and they were AC Delco brand.

Good luck in your search.

2001 Deville, Sterling Silver exterior with Dark Gray leather, 93k miles

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