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  1. Thats pretty cool, Mind if I use that for my avator thingy? Why were you researching the yenko Camaro?
  2. Yeah, even if I did have the money, I still dont think I would pay someone to detail my car. I actually enjoy spending a full sunday detailing my car. Not to mention, I wouldn't let anyone touch my car! Not even a professional detailer. Most people dont drive Cadillacs because they can afford them! They drive Cadillacs becuase they actually appreciate their cars! Anyone who appreciates their car should be able to find time in their busy schedule for even a quick cleaning. (No offense to anyone) For me its not a Chore, Its a privilege!
  3. Are the 92-97 front Bose speakers still 5 1/4?
  4. I just got a job making decent dollars, so I am saving up all winter to buy a 95 or so, LT1 Trans Am with a 6 speed! If I have enough money I would really like to supercharge it, and do some other performance upgrades! Im pretty sure i am gonna keep my STS for the winter time and any long trips. If I can come up with the money next fall I would also like to get a bike, then I can drive around without having to think about gas! So hopefully this time next year I will have a Cadillac STS, Pontiac TransAm and maybe a Suzuki GSX-R 600!
  5. Some people say I only bought a Cadillac just for the name. While that is some what true I still paid less for my Cadillac then they paid for their 1993 honda Civic hatchback, My 93 Cadillac has more advanced technology and a ton of other things that a brand new Civic still doesn't have.... So really I get 4x the car they do for the same price! Here is my top ten reason's I bought a Cadillac STS. 1.It is a "Cadillac" No one can say anything bad about Cadillac and everyone likes them! 2.Cadillacs are like the biggest sleepers, people who dont know anything, think they are grampa cars, until they experiance what its like to go up against a N*! Burnin ricers is my favorite pass time. 3.The STS is a rare car in these parts and thats a big thing to me! 4.Alot of people still think I paid over 10 grand for my car, and Im not tellin them otherwise. I only paid like 4 CDN! 5.All the stares and jealous looks you get when driving! 6.The leather seats and all the advanced options! 7.The "Northstar", I didn't know much about them until I started researching Cadillacs! 8.The Cadillac reputation! 9.The Styling is nothing short magnificent! 10.All the extras that come with owning a Caddy. I could go on for a lot longer, but anymore then 10 just seems wrong.
  6. I think the worst vandilism is when people do some thing to your car and don't even realize it. Like when some one puts an object on the surface of the car that can potentially scuff or scratch the paint. Or when they lean against it with ruff clothing. It hardly ever happens because my car is so clean most people are afraid to touch it, but when it does I make sure it doesn't happen again. One other thing I hate is after I detail the interior/exterior people will make comments about how clean it is and then go ahead and swipe their fingers across the wood grain prooving how clean it is, while leaving their greasy finger prints behind. In my car everything has to be a certain way like the floor mats should never be crooked, the ash tray should never be opened, seats should not be adjusted, if windows are going down then they will all go down at the same length, and no one uses the cd player remote except me. Most of those rules are just to hard to keep but every once and a while I get real picky. I also keep a wooden bat in my trunk just incase something were to happen (self-protection), but if you take a bat to some ones face in this town everybody's gonna know, so it won't take long before a cop is at your step. In a city of 50,000 with an extremly low crime rate it is better to use your fists rather than a bat becuase cops will usually let that slide. "A bat beating" that would be like frontpage news here for months. Several months ago I was carrying a hand pelet gun in my glove box. I got pulled over and when I went into the golve box to reach for my wallet the gun was sittin right there in the light but luckily the officer didn't see it and sent me packin with a warning to get my headlight fixed. That was the first time I got pulled over, I didn't have a clue what to do or say.
  7. A few months ago some Girl threw a snowball (iceball) at my car and busted out my left headlight assembly. The whole thing was shattered and the bracket was cracked. The replacement cost at the dealer was like $500+ (I got one used for around $120) I went to the police station immidiatly and the cop took pictures of the headlight then took some notes. I knew who the girl was and the cop persued her parents to pay up but they refused to, saying that it was my fault for driving to fast. There were several witnesses who the cop talked to because this all happened at a bus stop. Anyway this went on for about a month until finally the cop threatened to press charges witch would give her a criminal record, so her parents finally gave in and after another week, left a check with the police. But it wasnt over yet. A week or so later we get a bank statment showing that the check bounced, so we phone up the police officer, luckily he was in that day and a few hours later there is $135 cash sittin on my doorstep. I gotta say I was fairly pleased with how the cop handled the situation. It took about two months but I got all my money back in the end. It really wasn't in our intentions to press charges but im 16, I dont have a job, so its hard enough keeping my car on the road, what ever workes to scare them into payin up is fine with me. I cant stand those little rats who do damage to other peoples proberty, the have no respect.
  8. I am pretty sure all wheels from Sevilles 1992-2004 are interchangable! I dont know about pre 92 Seville's! And even some wheels from 05 STS's I think!
  9. You should have just tried to outrun him! Thats what i would have done in a situation like that!
  10. I have a Panasonic Mp3 player installed with my non-bose system and didn't experiance any of those problems when I had mine installed! Yeah, you will need to buy the extra long antenna adapter and run it to the trunk! You will also need to have a custom wiring harness made and run that to the trunk as well! I believe that is what my installer had to do! Those are the only things I know he did out of the ordinary! It didn't cost me any extra because I have free installation with my head unit! But I would take it to another install bay and get their opinion, it could be different then my setup!
  11. In the movie "Be Cool" I noticed a few Deville's and a couple XLR'S! There are also several Hummers and one Maybach!
  12. Keyless Entry Verification Procedures for your 1993 Cadillac Seville
  13. Same with V6 and V8 Mustangs! A few weeks ago by my school there was a 96 LX V6 Mustang convertible for sale (private), it had 110k and was in average condition! The fella had an asking price of $8,300, and I believe he sold it too because it is no longer there! The LX coupe's usually go for around $5 - $6,000! I could go to the states and pick up two Mustang GT's for that price! It is the same way with most cadillac's around here too! Even though the value isn't that high people and dealers still sell these cars for that much!