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  1. All I know is that in the Maintenance Guide it was marked down at the end of the book that coolant was flushed at 134k miles! I have had the car for like almost a year now!
  2. It was changed at 134,000 miles and I currently have 149,000 miles! Maybe this weekend when I get my oil changed! Thanks........
  3. I will make sure to do that! Thanks........
  4. If my car has not been timeserted should I expect to have eventually in the future?
  5. 149,000 miles and has never been time serted!
  6. I searched on ebay and I couldn't find one! I really want to know what they look like!
  7. Do these bears you are speaking about have anything to do with CaddyInfo, or are they just Cadillac stuffed bears?
  8. I can get almost 30 mpg on the highway
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