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  1. The next closest Cadillac dealer is about 35 miles away. I live in a smallish town and that Cadillac dealer was small by any standards. I guess if I have to order anything from a dealer I could get it from the Chevy or GMC/Buick dealer if I can't locate it online. Just a sign of the times I guess. The only new dealers we have are the big three, and then a handful of used lots. But as you said, hopefully they will come out as a stronger dealer network in the end.
  2. I was talking to a young man today that had recently purchased a used CTS-V, 2005 or 2006, I can't remember which. He was telling me that our local Cadillac dealer had lost its franchise because they had decline to sign the GM Participation Agreement. They lost their Jeep franchise in May of this year as well. So I guess, they will just continue to sell used vehicles. do or die
  3. I have ordered many items and parts from numerous online vendors in the past. NEVER have I called them 4-5 hours after the payment was made online asking for a tracking number. Thats asking alot from any vendor no matter what their size. I would have given them a least a full day to 2 full days before I started calling or e-mailing them with questions about when my order would ship. Unless they had stated same-day or next-day shipping, but even then I would have given them a day to process the shipment. As someone else stated, with alot of these companies you are lucky if you even get an e-mail period! Paying for an item online and expecting it to go out on the truck instantly is a stretch by any means. I can understand your anxiety to have the parts in hand ASAP so you can get your car fixed. I can also understand the seller refunding your money at a point where he had received 3-4 calls in 2 days from a buyer he felt would be a "problem". Granted, he probably could have handled the situation differently. But, if you had been patient, your item would probably have been in your hands within a week. Which I feel would have been acceptable since you did not opt for the next day shipping. Be happy that your money was quickly refunded, and find another supplier with a similar product that can meet your demands.
  4. Wow, thats pretty cool. Looks like it would be cumbersome to ride.
  5. One of my favorite "mechanic adventures" involved a 90 Cavalier, my first car. I put brakes on it front and rear. A job that I had never done before. I started on the rear drums first. After happily disassembling the brake lining I discovered that I didnt pay as close attention as I should have when taking them apart and couldnt get it back together again. After several hours of foul language and thrown tools, I bit the bullet and called my dad for advice. I was dumbfounded by the advice he gave me. He told me, "son, just remove the other wheel and use it as a reference!" I felt really foolish, because in my frustration, I hadnt thought of doing that. To make a long story short, it took me nearly all day to do the job. But I learned a valuable lesson!
  6. If you do get surface rust, NEVR-DULL works great for removing it, and is also great for cleaning all types of metals. I used it on all the chrome on a Surburban I used to own, it removed all the surface rust and the bumpers shined like new. I also recently purchased a set of grungy STS chrome wheels to go on my Deville and they shined up really nice. NEVR-DULL
  7. I guess they are trying to go for a new, cleaner, more modern look. I like it. But I think it would look better with the crown.
  8. I don't know how simular the window regulators are on your 1995 compared to my 2001. But I recently had one installled on the passenger side rear of my 2001 Deville. Mine also was making a grinding / ratcheting sound when the window was going up or down, then something snapped and it would no longer go up or down. The window shop secured the window in the up position by driving a small wedge between the glass and window ledge, (you could probably hold it up temporarily with a generous amount of painters tape while you work on it). They then cut the cable, and disconnected and removed the regulator. Once the regulator was out, you could clearly see that the plastic pulley was broken. Due to the cost of a replacement regulator (over $300 from the dealer with a new motor or $110 from Autozone with no motor), I chose to have them lock the window into the up position until I could find a cheaper replacement. I ordered a replacement with no motor from RockAuto for $69 delivered and had the glass shop install it for me. They charged me $39.00 at the time they installed the block, and $20 labor when they actually installed the new regulator with my old motor. Seemed reasonable enough to me. But I watched the installation process and feel I could install it myself next time one goes out. Check the plastic pulley to see if its broken, you may be able to do so with the regulator still in the car, but, I'm not sure.
  9. Congrats on your purchase!! Be sure to post pics for us as soon as you pick it up.
  10. (1) Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10minutes until it heats up to the normal operating range. (2) After the engine heats up, shift the transmission from park and down thru all of the gears and then back to park a couple of times. (3) With the engine running remove the tran dipstick and wipe it clean. (4) Reinstall the trans dipstick. (5) Remove the trans dipstick. The fluid level should read between the (HOT) full and add marks. This is normal. If the fluid level is below the (HOT) add line, add more fluid. Be careful not to overfill with fluid as this can cause problems as well. As for the underside of the engine being wet with oil, What color was it? Trans fluid is generally pink or red to light brown. Also, was the residue on the transmission pan? That would be the 1st place to look for an obvious leak.
  11. If you put 3 quarts of fluid in it and it still needs more, I would look for a leak. I am no mechanic, but that seems very abnormal. At the very least, you need to keep a check on the fluid level regularly.
  12. I found some pictures of a really nice 97 Eldorado pickup conversion I thought I would share. I would love to have it. Probably not for everyone, but I like something different. Also fould an interesting 89 Deville convertible that was pretty cool. What do you think?
  13. I did see a couple of nice used dash pads on e-bay. But you can get a really nice custom fit carpeted dash mat very reasonable. dash pad on ebay another dash pad on ebay
  14. Well now, I can see under those circumstances. Tipping for a job well done.
  15. Tip the guy at Autozone for putting on wiper blades for you??? I have always considered myself a good tipper, but never thought about tipping this person! Is this something common that others of you do?
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