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Oil Filters Revealed


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"One thing should be pretty clear if you have made it through this entire article. While there are dozens of oil filter brands out there, there are only a few actual manufacturers. Most filters you see on the shelf are sold by companies that don't actually make oil filters."

What's inside of an oil filter? Enjoy. :)

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I didn't know the study was updated. Thanks for posting.

The most important oil filter on an engine is the very first one installed at the engine assembly plant. 90% of the debris generated by an engine will be caught by the very first filter.

It doesn't matter to me that AC Delco filters may be made by another supplier - they are manufactured to GM's specifications. I don't an AC Delco on my Fleetwood - they discontinued the PF-25 (large, 1 qt. filter) and replaced it with a PF-414 which is less than half the size as the old PF-25. I typically use Purolator filters on that car since they still make a full size filter and are available. All I see on the store shelves these days are Fram filters and I won't use them.

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