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Front End Clunking and Power Steering Jitter


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On my 2002 ETC, I'm getting a dull clunking on wheel travel, such as over a rut in the road, from the right front wheel. It's loud enough to hear, but not quite loud enough to be annoying.

At the same time, I'm noticing that at startup from cold (though it's not real cold here in California) that if I turn the steering wheel while stopped, or at low speed, there's a jittering sound and feel coming through the steering wheel, as though the belt is slipping or a gear is bad in the pump. I checked the fluid, and there's enough. None of the other belt-driven items have any sign of malfunction.

Are these related? Car has only 36k miles - so I'm stumped.

The car runs great other than this.

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Does the jittering thing only happen when the car is cold and standing still?

As for the clunking, that could be many things. My left, front wheel has a clunk from a bad sway bar link bushing (it spun out when replacing coil springs). Any worn out bushing can cause a clunk. So could several other things. If you only hear it when you hit a dip or rut in the road then I doubt it's related to the steering. The suspension would be the first place I would turn to. Try to mimic the sound by bouncing the suspension with your body weight while having someone listen near the wheel you hear it from to see if you can get a better idea of where it may be coming from. Of course, don't have anyone put their head under the car while doing this....that could end badly.


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This sounds like the intermediate steering shaft, its a common complaint. There is a lube kit at the dealer and I think, but not sure, that they have an improved shaft. You will feel a low speed clunking, I have the problem with my 2002 Monte Carlo. Do a search here, you'll find more info on it, Mike

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