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  1. Life has been full of madness and I've lost touch with a lot of people, but I've been thinking about you all and wanted to pop in and say hi. How has everyone been doing?
  2. I think it's time I go to bed. 6:00 comes early....

  3. I just now realized you posted a comment on my profile, Lol. I hate the winter. At least the weather is warming up here now. After that snowstorm a couple weeks ago, it's nice to see the snow finally melting away. Hopefully it stays gone this time!

  4. I'm sick of cold and snow too. I am a sub contractor for snow removal. There is nothing like plowing snow for 24 hours then have to plow your on driveway. I don't like taking my Eldo out of the garage because it gets so dirty but it's fun to drive. One month to Spring!!!!

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