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  1. Life has been full of madness and I've lost touch with a lot of people, but I've been thinking about you all and wanted to pop in and say hi. How has everyone been doing?
  2. Today is the birthday of our fearless and noble leader. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE!!! I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for all of us here in the Caddy community!
  3. Jim, this van has been nothing but a headache. The brake lines blew out on me a few days ago, I have to replace a few sensors...etc. It's not my Caddy, so I am not happy spending money on it! Lol. Bruce, I haven't torn into it too much, as I have to be able to move it out of the shop in the event my brother needs the space. So far the only parts that I know for certain I need are as follows (all driver's side front): Inner and outer fenders Driver door (still works, but it's not happy) strut (spring is good, new a year ago and survived the wreck) Tie rod and ends sway bar sway bar links control arm bushings (arm itself looks ok, but may need to be replaced) ball joints (both sides) cv shaft/joint grill also needs new tires all around, but the rims seem ok. It might need a new wheel hub. It seems fine now, but won't know for sure until it can be driven a bit. As you can see, pretty much the entire suspension needs replacing. I have not looked into the steering components aside from the tie rod, or the passenger side, so may need work there too. I plan to use salvaged parts where possible (such as fenders, door, sway bar, grill) but it's still going to be an expensive and time consuming repair. The frame also needs to be straightened, but due to it not having any rust at all, the steel is strong enough to handle it without breaking. If you turn the key it still fires right up with no trouble at all...that's a Caddy for you! I just do not have the heart to send this car to a scrap yard. If worse comes to absolute worst and I can't pull off the repairs, I plan on selling the engine to my brother... but I am really hoping it doesn't come down to that. Right now this stupid Caravan is eating a hole in my pocket so I have nothing to put on the Caddy, but soon I will!
  4. If the TC0027 code comes back, the first thing I would do is check out the wiring and the connector at the left front wheel hub. The wires and connectors for the speed sensors are located in an area that sees a lot of road debris and water, and as such, it could just be a dirty or poor connection. When it comes to any code related to an electrical/sensor issue, my first move is to check the wiring and the connectors before throwing parts at it. Sometimes that's all it is and saves you a lot of money. I had a wheel speed sensor on my Caddy that would intermittently throw a code when it was wet out (rain, high humidity). While replacing the brakes I noticed that the speed sensor connector had a crack in the plastic, allowing moisture into the wiring. I was fortunate enough to be able to just unplug it without losing first gear. Your model year does not leave you that option, but a new connector is much cheaper than a new hub.
  5. Ok, here's the update. I did have an attorney looking into my situation about filing a suit, but we decided it would be basically pointless because I would end up paying more for a lawyer in then end than I would ultimately get for my car. So instead, here's what happened. We argued with the insurance company for a few weeks, making offers back and forth in an attempt to get what I deemed a fair price, and finally came to a deadlock. They settled on a value of 2,600$, took off some money for prior damages (the grill, no working AC, rip in the cloth top, tear in driver's seat, and a few minor scratches) and ultimately we settled on an 1,800$ check and got to keep the car. We would have loved to fight for more out of them but unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time. We were borrowing a car from someone and without the insurance money had no way to buy another vehicle. Sooo as of now the Eldo is in my brother's garage and will be restored as I have the money to put into it. It may take me a little while but I WILL get it back on the road one way or another!! And I am the not-so-proud owner of a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan.... Yeah... I hate it. It's already giving me a headache and I've only had it a week. The ONLY thing I like at all about it is that it has a lot of space in it for my 3 little ones. I just want my Caddy back.....
  6. I'm pretty sure that's what we will have to do. The insurance company told us to send them copies of any ads we may find that show a higher value for the car, which is exactly what I will do. And there is one other thing I find interesting... they claim to use "automobile red book" online to value the car...which is a site that I can NOT verify the information from. Is that legal?
  7. I plan on getting a lawyer. My father-in-law offered to pay for one for us. It's not MY insurance company that is giving us the hard's the other driver's company. Our company has held up to their responsibilities covering medical and lost wages, etc. The other guy's company is responsible for the damages to the car and the rental. From what they said, their duty to provide us a rental car ends once they make an offer to us. Whether we accept that offer or not has nothing to do with it. I think that's ridiculous. They should provide a rental until one of two things happens..either an offer is made that is accepted, or the decision is made to take the case to court. I don't expect them to provide a rental until we find and register a new vehicle, but at least until an agreement can be made about the offer would be the "right" way to do it. As upset as I am about this whole thing, I still don't hold it against the guy that hit me. I do however believe that there should be a law requiring people to take their road test again once they reach a certain age. I'm sorry but if you're so oblivious that you don't see an entire line of traffic coming at you when you attempt to make a turn, then you truly should not be driving.
  8. Well we just talked to the insurance company. Their offer is 1,800$. That's total crap and I'm NOT settling for it. They estimated damages to be over 6,500$. No word yet on the buy-back cost. We have to turn in the rental car by Monday, which I think is stupid considering they told us we had it for 2 weeks when we got it on Friday. They haven't even given us time to get anything figured out. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is going to lose his job over this. This whole thing has just been a complete nightmare. It's weird how someone you don't even know can turn your life completely upside-down with one careless and stupid mistake.... I think we are going to get a lawyer if the insurance company won't budge on their offer.
  9. Oh yeah...for the heck of it, I feel like sharing with you all the car that I am currently stuck driving...apparently it was the only thing bigger than a Prius that the rental place had available. Yeah. A Kia Soul. Isn't it awesome? *sarcasm*... I hate this thing, for many reasons aside from it being quite ugly. It has less space inside than anything I have ever driven. My old Chevy Corsica was even bigger. There is BARELY enough room in the cargo area to fit a small cooler. Sure the back seat folds down for more cargo space, but I have 3 kids so that isn't exactly an option for me. The steering is awful. It's responsive enough, but it's so stiff that I can't turn it with one hand, and the steering wheel is smaller than a dinner plate. It handles like a brick on a roller skate. Going over bumps and such, it's very loud. When it rains it sounds like you are sitting in a shed with a tin roof. The blower is obnoxiously loud (for the ac/heat). The thing is overall just tiny. I am very used to driving bigger vehicles. The seats are very hard and fairly uncomfortable to sit in for more than a few minutes. The ONLY good things I personally have to say about it are that the AC does work quite well, though the vents are awkwardly positioned, it gets very good gas mileage, and the stereo in it sounds great. Aside from that, I hate it and would definitely not drive one by choice...unless my only other option was a smartcar or something equally small. I am grateful to have something to drive for now and all....but I still felt like complaining about it. After all, it's not my Caddy!
  10. The insurance adjustor came on Monday to look at the car. He said by the looks of it they will almost definitely deem it a total loss. He was a very nice guy, very respectful and easy to talk to about everything. I showed him a picture of what the car looked like prior to the accident for comparison purposes, and he looked at the picture then the car, shook his head and said "wow, what a shame." He seemed to have genuine appreciation for the car, which made me happy. I'm still waiting to hear back about it. They are supposed to contact me by the end of today with an offer for the car, and to tell me how much it will cost me to buy it back if I want to keep it. Apparently the other driver's insurance company DOES look at the local market before making a decision on the value of the car. Looking at the underside of the car, I must admit I am absolutely baffled. Nothing actually broke! Everything is pretty bent, but it's ALL still attached. Tie rods, sway bar links, strut, coil spring, brake lines/hoses, all the wiring, control arms, cv shaft... Obviously after that much trauma it will all have to be replaced, but I am just astonished that as badly as that wheel bent in none of the suspension components broke. It makes me that much more happy that I was driving a Caddy. All things considered that car took it like a champ! I do plan to restore it..crazy as that may sound. It may take me a while to get it all done, but I want to do it. It all depends, at this point, on how much I will have to pay to keep it. If I do then I figure this would be a good time to get all the "little" things done that I have been putting off.. like the new cloth top, a new driver's seat, and some other minor cosmetic things. If I'm going to restore it, then I may as well take my time, get it ALL done, and do it right.
  11. The tires didn't pop right away, but the front ones have both since leaked out all the air. I was astonished at that too though, especially as hard as I hit that curb! I guess in the end it DOES pay off to buy the expensive tires rather than cheap ones. Cheap ones would have exploded on impact. Jim, I did run the codes, and nothing new came up. As I said the car does still run. I believe the air intake might be crushed though because it sounds a little starved for air. I had to drive it a few feet to get it to where it's sitting now. It wasn't pretty, but it moved. I don't even have any brake fluid leaking. Actually, the only fluid that appears to have leaked at all is my washer fluid. The tank exploded under the fender. As per the insurance, the adjustor is coming Monday to look at it. In the meantime I am doing some research into LOCAL value for cars similar to mine. I remember when my brother totaled one of his cars, and he fought the insurance company because they wanted to give him KBB value. He showed them listings in the paper/internet etc of the same vehicle in similar condition, which were listed at higher prices than KBB, and eventually convinced them to pay out the AVERAGE price from the local market. It did take longer to get a check by doing that, but if you can get an extra thousand or so dollars, then it's worth it to wait. In the meantime at least we will have a rental. I know a lot of people think it's stupid for me to be so worried about saving this car, but it is a big deal to me. I LOVE that car!! Everyone keeps telling me "oh it's just a car, get over it", but to me it's more than that. That car has become part of the family, and I'm not going to let it die without a fight. If it is in fact un-fixable, then I am sane enough to let it go...but I am still going to rob the drivetrain out of it.
  12. P.S. I forgot to mention above, the car still starts and runs perfectly. It will move...but the sounds that come from that front wheel are indescribably horrid. And my brakes still function flawlessly. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is hope left for this car.
  13. My brother was finally able to get my car in the garage over the pit and have a good look underneath. The frame is shoved up against the transmission, but only appears to be bent in that one place. The transmission doesn't appear to have suffered any damage though. The other driver's insurance is providing us a rental car for now. When I asked about the car being totaled, I was told that even if the insurance company deems it a total loss, so long as I have a mechanic that believes the car CAN be repaired, then they will let me keep it as an owner-retained total loss. They won't pay to fix it if that's how it works out, but I will get money to buy another car and get to keep this one. Eventually I would repair it and put it back on the road. I was informed by MY insurance company that in New York, there is an insurance clause about fair LOCAL market value and that I should request that the other driver's insurance pay out on that basis. A car similar to mine in the area I live typically sells for around $5,000, whereas mine blue books for only $2,800. If I could get fair market value, then I would be able to spend a couple thousand on another vehicle and put the rest into fixing this one. That's how I HOPE everything will work out...but we'll see. As of right now I am waiting to hear back from the adjustor as to when they will be able to do an estimate on the damages. I really hope I don't have to part with this car... but I will keep everyone posted!
  14. Well, I just got more good news. My brother says the frame looks like it's bent but can be saved, and the rest is just cosmetic and suspension work. My insurance company said if they do total the car, then I have the option to buy it back for scrap price. My brother said he will buy it back for me if I can't afford to do that and still get a new car. So either way it looks like I get to keep her! That drive train is in too good of shape to let it go to the junk yard. It has 176,000 miles on it and still runs great...which is amazing for a Northstar! I don't know that it will see the road again as is, but that drive train will go to good use one way or another.