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79 deville parts


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Just inherited my 79 Deville; which my Aunt bought new... It's in great shape other than a few age spots. :) Learned to drive using my parents 75 Deville and fell in love with all of the chrome back then... Nothing like chrome! Just had two seat transmissions put in for 1200.00. 500.00 a peice from GM obsolete. :o The old transmission housings just fell apart. Anyway, just wondering if anyone out there knows of some great places to find parts.




Mark McDermott

79 Deville 84,000

97 Deville 279,000 :yupi3ti:

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rockauto.com has parts for that year. Click the link at the bottom of my message for a 5% discount code.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


5% discount code at RockAuto.com - click here for your discount!

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Just a note of caution if this car is carbureted (quick reasearch show it could be either carbed, or TBI) -

If the car still has the original carb, do not exchange it for a rebuilt. The rebuilts are all too often built from piles of parts that may or may not be those originally spec'd for your car. The cores they start with could be questionable as well.

If you decide the fuel system needs attention, find a competent quadrajet rebuilder to go through the carb for you - or DIY if you're up to the task. Q-Jet calibration is all about having the right pieces.

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What Jack said... A "GOOD" Q-Jet mechanic can do wonders with it.

I, personally, like Q-Jets.

Good luck with your car.

I have not owned a 79.

I had a 78 ElDorado Biarritz and a 1980 Sedan DeVille.

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