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<_< The back end is lowered. I checked my Haynes Book for my 1997 Cadillac STS. Nowhere in the book does it state anything about the ride control or the air ride suspension. Just a couple of lines about the air shocks, but no reference about the compressor, relay etc. The Cadillac owner’s manual does have a short paragraph to check the RSS fuse, which I did and it's good. I have the car on rear jack stands, looking for a burnt wire or to get information related to the relay and/or compressor. I can't get any info on the internet or elsewhere that can show me a diagram of what I see under the car. The only message I get on the computer is "Service Ride Control". If I had a step by step outline that would show what to look for, then it would help me a great deal with this repair. If there are any additional fuses to check other than the RSS fuse, please advise! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons on the climate control panel. Write down the codes that are displayed on the information center and post them. The codes will provide a clue to the problem area.

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Right on, KHE

I hope I did this right, but when I followed your directions this is what displayed... Please Note: The dude I bought this car from, said that he couldn't always rely on the computer. Having said that, there were many codes that displayed which if the computer were reliable, it would probably mean I have a lot of problems. The car runs great and blows cold air though, but it does have issues, so here's the breakdown.

RSS C1761 History

TCS C1255 History

PRM B1552 History

PRM B0533 History

PRM B1970 History

PRM B1983 History

PRM B1981 History

PRM B2791 History

IRC B1740 History

IRC U1129 History

IRC U1064 History

RFA B2560 History

PCM P0603 History

PCM P0403 History

PCM P0401 History

IPC B1552 History

MSM B2105 History

MSM B2120 History

MSM B0856 History

MSM B1982 History

MSM B1983 History

MSM B1656 History

MSM U1300 History

All the rest said "No (Code Name) Codes", since you know better than I, could some of the error codes be related to the same issue? Thanks for helping me on this for you've open my eyes to a lot already.

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:glare: After being troubled by all the error codes, I researched on the internet to find what these error codes really meant. During this process I downloaded every code with descriptions at http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/dtcobd2.html. It also explained how to access these codes to clear. After I cleared all the history codes the only codes that wouldn't clear were the RSS C1761 (Right Front Position Sensor Input Fault), PZM B0533 (Fuel Sensor Open/Shorted To B+) & PZM B2719 (CTD-Trunk Tamper Switch Fault), which they all showed as current. A, MSM B2120 (Lumbar Up/Down Sensor Failed) code shows as history, but won't clear. The only one I'm concerned about at this point is the RSS C1761 code and how to fix.

The PZM B0533 problem I've been aware of. It's the fuel sensor in the tank, which I've been working on. When I bought this car, the previous owner said, the fuel gauge hadn't worked in a long time. I also, researched this problem online and found the Techron Fuel Injection Cleaner that does a number of cleaning processes that include 6 other areas it cleans that the other brands don't. One being the fuel sensor in the tank. It stated that it may take several applications to get maximum results, but I've used it twice and the fuel gauge almost works right, so it should only take another application to get the results I'm looking for.

The PZM B2719 & MSM B2120 problems are new ones, but I'll address them once I get the suspension fixed. So, if I could get a grasp of where the (Right Front Position Sensor Input) is located and how to fix, it would be awesome. Thanks to all that may help with this matter!!

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I suppose your talking about the front right wheel or is it the right rear wheel? I have to change the front brake pads tomorrow, so I'll check it then, if it's the front. Question; Do you know what role the front right position sensor input plays in relation to the rear ride control system? Thanks for your help!!!

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I replaced the brake pads and found the "Front right position sensor" that was discussed and the lever was free floating. I noticed that the lower lever that connects to the upper lever was disconnected. I reinserted those connections and continued with the brakes. Once completed I started the car, waiting approx. 30 seconds, before the compressor for the air ride system kicked on. It ran for 10 seconds, trying to determine the system reliablity and then shut off. It continued this process every 30 seconds for a total of 3 cycles before shutting off completely. The backend is still lowered and I have no new error codes in relation to this system. I may put the backend back up on stands and pull the air lines off the air shocks and turn the key on, to see if the air comes out the lines. If air comes through the lines successfully, does that mean my shocks are bad, or could it still be something else? Thanks for yor help!

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My 97 STS also sits low in the rear. When i first got the car the garage said i had leaking rear shocks. I found it odd that it leaked evenly. Kinda thought the air ride could not differentiate from left and right when raising and lowering the car, and the odds that both shocks leaked evenly i figure was low.... So i let it be for a while. The pump comes on and puts the car back up, just more often than one that would be working properly. Then a month or so ago i started getting a code for "exhaustvalve selenoid...." something. Seems it wasn;t letting air OUT properly, so it had shut the system down. And now my car rides low. Sometimes when i wash it or it rains it works again. Some days it just works randomly.

The system will shut itself down pretty much if anything else goes wrong. So to answer the question "what does the front have to do with the ack?" well.... i've found that just about any message that has anything to do with suspension will just completly shut it all down. Only option is to pullcodes to narrow it down.

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I had problems with the rear level system on a 92 Eldo. I found the compressor between the top of the gas tank and the rear seat floor pan. To service it, the tank had to be dropped. I was told that there is an exhaust filter on the air pump that gets clogged with dust etc. I removed the lines from the rear shocks and added new lines from the air shocks and ran each side to the rear quarter panel fold under and put a conventional air shock filler valve on each side and pumped it up till I was happy with the height. I am single and my loading of the car was about the same all of the time so no problems.


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Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons on the climate control panel. Write down the codes that are displayed on the information center and post them. The codes will provide a clue to the problem area.

does this trick work on an 02 dhs?

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