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  1. is it nesesary to bypass the bose amp to run a line out converter to an amp?
  2. one of the lights in my steering wheel are out and im not sure how and in wich direction to yank to get the covers to get to the lights. also how risky the procedure in relation to the air bag system
  3. are there any other common house hold products that could be used on lthr seats ?????
  4. i ran a diagnostic for the codes and didnt get any rss codes. my car either never registered the r.s.s. or never checked it in the systems test administered through the dash read out. i went throught the test cycle fw and rev. and never got a rss test for that sys. there were other codes but most of them were past codes not current. the only codes that were current were a few in the seat mem or some thing like that.
  5. the issue is that my ride is a bit on the soft side. i have encountered the bump stops a little to easily a few times over normal terrain. granted the city i live in has less than standard road conditions however i think there should be more resistance than their is. while i was getting my tires changed i took a look at the suspension and did not see any leakage or any caked residue other than the normal road film. thetires seem to have made a difference ,but it still seems like for the lack of a better a term needs new shocks. i dont nkow what to look for to spot a nos part. ,but my 02 has 119,000 on it so im not sure what the expectancy for the air ride on this model is . this is my first caddy so i dunno that maybe its boat like ride
  6. my rear shade doesn't work. the relay i can hear click when the rear shade button is depressed but the motor doesn't ever kick in. are there any easy trouble shoots for these symptoms other than the dealers recommended 450 dollar replacement
  7. but like all moving parts dont these also wear out over time e.i. 119000 on the od
  8. Bruce is right, and on a stock motor every performance chip has produced stock performance... Unless you are planing on making internal modifications to the motor, like new cams or ported heads, or higher compression, then these chips do nothing. Oh and our transmission is rated for 300HP... make 305 and it seems to live about 10 minutes... I know, I'm on my second. cool thanx for the tranny warning
  9. what needs to be done to make my 02 dhs ride better . are their any shocks or is it all air ride?
  10. in the lit of the add it stated that no ecu or ecm or whatever changes were nescesary it was designed to be a plug and play install
  11. i have seen a company that produces super chargers made to be oem for different companys and they are in the process of designing a new system for older caddys. they say that there is no need to do any electrical mods only an extra belt, pulley and tap into the oil supply. what would the gains be on my 02 4.6 and would it kill my trans axel ?
  12. i have an aftermarket grille that has a larger footprint so to speak. i cant tell if the problem is the front or the center of the top of the hood; as some older cheve trucks encounter this problem as well thanks to poor enginering. if it is the front i still cant tell the problem only occures in trafic at 60+ and there fore i cannot acess the problem because i cannot see it. when the hood is closed it does not jiggle or show looseness at any axis,i am at a loss!!!
  13. These DVD manuals are now easy to get for free... Just go to your favorite torrent search tool and look for "GM eSi" On a high speed DLS line it will take about 5 hours to download... Very cool and useful tool and you can't beat FREE! what do i torrent search for to find service man for 02 dhs
  14. when im in traffic the hood on my 02 dhs shakes and bucks ,but when im in "clean "air it sturdy as a rock. is there a way to snug up the front latch to take out play. the hood seems sturdy at stand still. pz help