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    1999 Eldarado
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. Check out GM for a new engine. I was quoted $11000 for a new engine. Cady parts are EXPENSIVE!!!!
  2. I use after market on my 99 and they work well. GM just wants the business Frank
  3. EXCUSE ME... I gave the URL as Shockmaster.com they do not have a conversion from RSS to Conventional kits. THE CORRECT URL IS STRUTMASTERS.COM
  4. I just looked at a site that has all years and model conversion kits at a reasonable price for Cadillacs and other cars. Check out Shockmaster.com Frankcfx@comcast.net
  5. I had problems with the rear level system on a 92 Eldo. I found the compressor between the top of the gas tank and the rear seat floor pan. To service it, the tank had to be dropped. I was told that there is an exhaust filter on the air pump that gets clogged with dust etc. I removed the lines from the rear shocks and added new lines from the air shocks and ran each side to the rear quarter panel fold under and put a conventional air shock filler valve on each side and pumped it up till I was happy with the height. I am single and my loading of the car was about the same all of the time so no problems. frankcfx@comcast.net
  6. I took my 92 Cad key to a local lock smith, he checked the resistor value with his meter in the key caddy and picked out a blank and cut the key. In short they are available at most reputable lock smiths. Frank F
  7. There is a very tight clearance area in the cylinder head known as the squish area. It has to do with causing circulation of the fuel/air mixture during the compression stroke. If carbon builds up in that area, the piston contacts it causing piston slap for a few seconds after start up. The WOT procedure cleans out the carbon. This piston slap aka cold carbon rap seems to be more prevalent on the pre 2000's. Thanks for that info, what I had thought to be a lifter might well be what you describe. It does not happen after I have done some hard and fast driving. My car is a 99 Eldo. Frank
  8. Thanks, looking at the connection/cover on the shock and trying to move it with a view towards getting it off I was afraid that I might damage the connector. I assume what I was probing was the connector boot. It seemed to be pretty hard and I was afraid of damaging the connection. Is it just a boot that is age hardened?
  9. I have an error code indication that the LF shock control is shorted. I have seen comments about " the resistor mod " to fool the ride control into thinking everything is OK but where is and what value is the resistor. Does anyone have any experience or input. I have the GM manuals but the appear to be written as a refresher to someone that knows what is going on. Frank frankcfx@comcast.net
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