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  1. My 98' STS always seemed to have "low bass" as well. My current 01' STS with the same system seems to have much more bass than 98' did. The system is definetly not tuned for huge "rap bass" and I am personally glad it's not. I agree....crank up the bass and crank it up. We should also remember that it is a BOSE system and the speakers are still paper cone and ruber coil to save cost.
  2. The position sensors are visible if you take off the wheel. It is a small contecting rod (lever) that turns the sensor and is moved by the up and down motion of the suspension.
  3. Ok, well I have detailed leather seats for my friends before that are very dirty. I think your keys words in this are "VERY DIRTY". Some people are not going to agree with this but it works. Get yourself some Prestone interior cleaner. The can with the scruber on the end. Spay it on your leather, about a 6" square at a time. scrub, but not to hard, and wipe of with a rag. Do the whole seat this way. Keep in mind you definetley need to use a good conditioner after this as this cleaner will dry the seats some. I like Eagle One Nano conditioner. Spray it on, rub it in by hand, and let dry for about 20 min. Wipe off access with a soft cloth. The interior cleaner works wonders on dirty vynil as well. Good luck!
  4. Are you thinking of adding a sub box? Ive thought about this before and decided if I needed more base from the factory Bose system that I would replace the 10" in the factory location with a more efficient aftermarket sub. From there, you can get a Bose to aftermarket adapter to tie into the Bose signal and get premaps out. Getting the power to the amp should be easy as the battery is under the rear seat and It would not be hard to run the power cable into the rear deck. I know some people don't like Crutchfield, but they would be a good place to start for components.
  5. When I had my 93 STS I looked into this as well. I didn't have much luck finding anything. Plenty of sights on the web that spoilers that they say "work", but who knows what they would look like once you got it on. If you find anything, let us know.
  6. Hi out there, i'm new here so I thought i'd let myself be known. I am currently on my 3rd STS. It's a 01, Diamond White, cream leather, has about 66k miles now, and I love it. I'm running 18 Italia Inox wheels with BF Godrich KDWs for the summer. Previously owned a black 93, and white 98. Looking forward to some good Caddy talk.
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