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Bumper repair


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Couple months ago..someone bumped the rear bumper on the DTS. 4 inch round area of paint popping off.

Paint shop wanted over $400 to respray the rear fascia. Hmmm..

Anyway, ordered some cans of paint and clearcoat from www.paintscratch.com . Something like $50-60 bucks.

After sanding the area...and some adhesion promotor.

2000 grit sandpaper on the paintcoats but not final color coat.

2000 grit sandpaper and polish on the clearcoat.

Blending repair came out perfect. Better then expected.

Sorry, no 'before' pics.


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Nice repair Logan. I know that you have been somewhat of a star in the mechanical and electrical side. It is good to see you branching out into body work. I have to do a similar repair in the near future. I hope it turns out as well as yours.

By the way, did you use special "flexible" primer? I have heard of it but never tried it.

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As for body work. I can handle spraying a bumper. But I'm not good enough to paint a hood for example.

The big problem is paint materials. That much raw paint (pint or quart) plus clearcoat and thinner can easily add up to $180+.

The body shop wanted $400+ to repaint the fascia. I did bargain them down to $230 if I brought just the fascia in. Not that bad price wise. They are the shop that painted my front DTS (walk in) fascia.

That said, the car is 8 years old, lots of miles. Still hard to justify that price. Bumper could get hit again tommorrow.

In the Nashville TN area. I could not find any spray cans in my paint code (GM med red wa408g), just raw paint and thinners and clearcoat. $$$.

Hence the call to http://www.paintscratch.com. They will mix a spray can of your paint code.

Product worked great. Takes about 10 days to get. I got the cans in a couple of days ago (1 color, 1 clearcoat), but it was very rainy. Tip: do not try to paint on a humid wet day. It will trap mositure in the paint and look like crap.

Yeah, in 5 years, the repair will most likely fade into a old Cadillac and look like crap. But for the current age and the mileage, you would not know the spot repair was there.

As for the primmer. Plastic fascias do not like paint. You need to use either an adhesion promoter or actually mix a flex agent into the paint (more $$). The paint will pop right off in a couple of months without using these on flexable fascias.

The clear coat and the adhesion promoter were Dupli Color. The color was of course, a custom mix.

The adhesion promoter was also a 'clear' product. Nice +. Its not like gray primer

2000 grit wet sandpaper is a must.

Here, were talking $50-60 and couple hours of my time..the repair came out better then I thought it would. I wish I had a before picture..way better then $400+..way better then $230.

Winter will tell if the repair worked.

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Nice repair! Looks really good.

I-ve got a small scrape on my rear bumper, but I don't think I'm brave enough to go after it myself.

2001 Deville, Sterling Silver exterior with Dark Gray leather, 93k miles

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