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steering column changed, now car wouldnt start.

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My 1994 deville ignition mechanism at the steering column is busted, so I changed the steering column, but now the car would not start, having security issue, i am totally fustrated please please please help.

Doesn't your ignition key contain a resistor? It's a little black bulge with short metal strips on both sides of the key just behind the pin cuttings. If so, are you using the key that came with the replacement steering column? Again, if so, I'm nearly positive that the proper resistance value for the key resistor is stored in some other module--not the steering column itself. Have you tried having a new key cut for the replacement column using the OLD key resistor value?

While I don't know if this is true in your case, some security systems will lock out everything--including the proper key--if repeated attempt is made to start with the wrong key at which point I believe the only route is a factory scan tool.

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You changed the whole steering column including the ignition tumbler in order to replace the ignition tumbler?

I think you will need to take the car in to the dealer so that they can have the PCM relearn the security code for the new ignition tumbler.


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Lets make sure I understand exactly what you did...

You replaced the ENTIRE STEERING COLUMN, which means that you now are using a different ignition key.

If I am not mistaken, (and I might be) the ignition key has a transmitter in it that talks to the security system in your car. There are several different transmitters available.

The first thing I would try is... take the ORIGINAL KEY and the and the NEW KEY to a key shop. They can measure the frequency of the ORIGINAL KEY and then make a NEW KEY with the same frequency.

Then the new key will talk to the car on the right frequency and it should start.

There is also a way to disable the security system, but I don't know how to do it.

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Jim and Bruce are correct. The new key can be programmed into the PCM, right now the PCM thinks a thief is trying to steal your car because the resistance is incorrect and it's locking out the ignition.

Jim's suggestion is a good one, measure the resistence on the OLD key and have the pattern of the NEW column key cut into a BLANK KEY with the correct resistance.. Piece of cake...

I have seen KHE suggest finding the resistance and putting a resistor of the correct value IN LINE to fool the computer, you can probably get the correct resister at Radio Shack. I am not sure what wires you need to tap into to 'jump' them with the resistor but once you do that you should be fine.

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