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97 hearse/needs motor


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i saw an ad on craigslist for a 97 hearse (deville body) with 86k miles. it needs a headgasket repair and case halve seals. they want 4500 for it. the pictures make it looks like the body is stretched ala limo style. is that standard on a hearse conversion? i wonder what a repaired hearse is worth? might make an interesting conversion to a family hauler or party rig.

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In my opinion, the car is not worth $4500... It is a $1500-$2000 car with the engine needing repair.

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I would offer them something like $1800 with the intent to close at $2000 if I were to want it at that price. You do understand that if you do get this car you will likely be looking at stuck rings and oil burning as well as the O-ring and Timeserts. Unless it's running, you can't check the codes, so you can't evaluate the transmission and electrical system.

If they show interest at $1800 and, say, come back at $2500 or $3000, I would have the car looked at by a professional car inspection service, then use their written report in negotiations to close at $2K.

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i keep thinking of ghostbusters or harold and maude. you don't see many of those vehicles around. i really only want to ride in it one time. i bet the owners did not do any WOT treatments. of course its not too hard to find a used 97 NS.

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