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  1. I got it off ebay a few years back. E&G Grille cost me about $200.

  2. Where did you get that grill?

  3. That's my case. My remote is totally d.e.a.d. Dead. It does nothing. I put a brand new battery in it and tested it on the remote tester at a parts store nearby, and it wasn't sending a signal at all...which is why I don't have the option of programming a new one myself. Pete, I'll look into finding a locksmith around here and see if they can do it. I'm not 100% sure which type of key mine is...all I know is it has a black pellet with a silver tab in it, and if I put the wrong key in (done that more than once) I get the "passkey II error, car will not start" message on the DIC. The black p
  4. No no no just tell them you want them to copy the keys dont attempt to program them. You program the keys yourself at home. Its a pretty simple procedure that involves inserting the original key in the ignition turning it to the ON position then turning it back off and within 10 secs or so put the copied key in and turn it to the ON position or something like that. Im not 100% sure on the exact procedure but ive done it multiple times with my STS. Im sure the proper procedure for programming keys is on this forum somewhere. You can find blank PK3 keys on ebay for cheap so dont get suckered int
  5. Its a guy selling replacement rubber pads for our cars on ebay. Just type in "Replacement Remote Rubber Pad". Should be about $11-$15.
  6. Those look sweet and they might look good with my gold pinstriping. I'll have to give it some thought. You may have just cost me a bundle! Regards, Warren Thanks Warren! Yes they look really nice on Green and I bet your gold pinstripe would set them off! After buying mines, I found a really good website selling the set brand new for around $400 with free shipping. PM me if interested.
  7. Vogue Wide Trac CBR VIII Gold Stripes. Makes the Caddy float like a dream!!
  8. Just wanted to show off my new Vogue Gold Stripes! I saw a bottle of Vogue Tyre Cleaner at my local dealership for $30 and thought no way!! Since I wasnt willing to pay that much for some tire cleaner, Ive been using Mothers Tire and Rubber cleaner with fantastic results.
  9. Just a update, Vogue Rep told me not to use any product that contained bleach on their tires. He said its safe to use pretty much any tire cleaner on them but stay away from any products with bleach. He wasnt trying to sell me their expensive Vogue Tyre cleaner either, he just said products with bleach will cause the tires to crack. I dont have to worry about cleaning mines too much considering I opted for Gold Stripes.
  10. Well the exhaust of choice for most STS owners is the Corsa exhaust system. Its not cheap but it sounds great. Ive seen people put flowmasters, cherry bombs, and even glass packs on Caddy's so it really all about how you want it to sound.
  11. 98+ are OBD II and require a Tech II scanner. 97 and earlier ( OBD I) can be programed without the scanner. If you read the instructions in the link it will tell you 98+ vehicles need a Tech II scanner to program key fobs.
  12. Thats instructions on how to program a key. I think he wants info on how to program a Key Fob aka remote. No other way but to use a expensive TechII scanner for OBDII vechicles.
  13. Glad you got it running ok. After doing a little more research I found that using a passive LOC (like the one you have) will cause significant signal loss. Using a powered LOC will allow you to regain alot of that signal and boost your sound output!
  14. Yeah its not gonna be nearly as loud as an aftermarket setup. PAC makes some really good LOC's and have gain controls built in so you can boost the signal. Everybody I know that has put subwoofers in these cars, tapped into the subwoofer line for the LOC. I guess the LOC you have gets power from the speaker wire so it doesnt need a power wire. Maybe thats the main cause of your low output. Look on Ebay for a PAC LOC and give that a try. Have you adjusted your gain and bass control on your amp? My system sounds pretty good and I only have one JL 12 in my trunk. Doesnt sound as good as a afterma
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