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what the weight is (in pounds) of a stock 2003 Caddy STS wheel is? I have sold my STS over a year ago & I still have 2 of the 4 original rims. I have placed them on ebay & I just want 2 get an idea on what the weight is, in so that I do not get burned on the shipping charges.

Thanks a million! :bluesbrothers:

Pimpin' In My Black 'Lac

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Uuu, hhhhmmm, nice avaitor. Still watchinh..Uuu. hhhhhmmmm. Uhhh...

Anyway, just sold 4 17' DTS rims one at a time on eBay. FedEx ground was $15 each. Plus about $2 for the Fed Ex 24 x 24 x 1 box. May have been 20 x 20 x 1 box. Anyway, Very cheap.

FedEx slip shows wheel and box + packing material at 26 lbs.

Screw FedEx...I'm going back to the avaitor..

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This is one post I keep comming back to check for updates. Whats next month aviator?

We need to know. Whats the DEC'08 aviator?

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